Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Share Of Interest In 2017

Guardian Of The Galaxy 2(My most wanted movie in 2017 was Thor 3 originally but GotG2 has replaced it after I have watched its trailer! I am really hyped for it!)
Thor 3(Thor was my favorite superhero in MCU phrase 1 but I like him less now because the plot does make him a less popular compare to iron man, captain america or even to ant man and doctor strange which is sad. And Thor 2 is the worst movie for me in MCU but I hope Thor 3 will be great and give some justice to this character.)
Spider-man : Homecoming(I like spider-man and wolverine the most before all those marvel movies appeared. I do care less about this two characters now although spider-man did a great job in CA3. The trailer doesn't look particularly interesting but I hope Marvel will bring us some surprise but I doubt it will be as good as GotG2 and Thor 3 this year.)
Wonder Woman(Wonder Woman is the best thing in Batman Vs Superman. I don't think the movie is that bad like a lot of people said and I will give it a 7.5 as a marvel fan. However, while I like the casts of the three main superhero, batman and superman in the movie aren't particularly interesting but only Wonder Woman and I am looking forward to her own movie.)
Justice League(I hope it will be better than BvS.)
Logan/Wolverine 3(The first two wolverine movies aren't good films. I hope this last one will be better as I really like Hugo Jackman as wolverine.)
Transformers 5(To be honest, I think only the first transformer is great movie but I did see all 1-4 in cinema. I believe this fifth one will be around the same quality with average story but good CGI.)
Resident Evil : Vendetta(This isn't the live action one but the CG one, hehe. I never liked the live action because of the over power character Alice. I like resident evil movies that continue the game story and if I am not wrong, it is the third RE CG movies.)
Star Wars VIII(I have watched Rogue One I found it is only slightly better than Episode 7 for my taste. However, it is a really a great addition to Star Wars story. But come to think of it, I have never liked any Star Wars movie particularly but the whole Star Wars universe. And I will definitely see Episode 8.)

Until Dawn(a brought down from 2015 and I still need a PS4...)
Conan Exiles(it is the game that I am looking forward the most currently. and it looks like it is the sandbox game that suit my taste and I hope it will be more completed than other early beta sandbox games.)
Heroes Of The Storm-Valeera(Hots is what I play mostly while taking a short break from creating games currently. And I liked this character for a while since watched the WoW comics. I really like elf with blonde and ponytail hair, lol!)
Resident Evil 7(I liked the story of the resident evil series but not a true fan of the game. The RE games I really like are RE2 and RE4 which I am obviously a Leon fan, lol. Still need to read more review on this new gameplay before I decide to play it or not.)
Red Dead Redemption 2(Its a Rockstar sandbox game which is a must to play! I hope you can create your own character like in GTA5.)
Nier(It looks like a great action game with unique story and I haven't played a true action game for a while!)

Star Wars Rebels Season 3(Most episodes in season 1 and 2 aren't particularly interesting but a bit boring. However, they have successfully develop those characters and Season 3 seems becoming a unique story of Star Wars!)
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Season 2(The first season is great and will follow the second season!)

Tokyo Ghoul

Update Information Of All My Under Development Games

I have created three public posts on my Patreon page to show the development progress of the games as some of you have asked. I will update the page whenever there is new release of update for each game for my patrons. If you are interested in to know about the progress of the games, you can check the page below(you can view them even if you aren't a patron):

Survivor Sarah 2:

Agent Alona : Missions:

World Of Eqalem:

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

World Of Eqalem

Added the introduction for the main story and also migrated the previous three stories from RPG Maker VX Ace to MV in this latest story! This demo shows where the story is up to for the demo version of World Of Eqalem.

Demo 4:

The fourth story is added and feature the character above which is a high elf. This newest demo is created by the latest RPG Maker MV which has larger window size!

Demo 3(MV):

A new fantasy game is under development since last month! You can tryout the demo below to see what it is about! There are currently three characters added to the game.

Demo 2(VX Ace):

(This new game is created by RPG Maker VX Ace and will require its Eng RTP to run. You can send me an email and I will send it to you if you can't find it. Thanks.)

My Patreon:

Monday, April 25, 2016

About Recent Email To My Address

I am sorry that I haven't replied to quite a lot of emails or messages since the last month. But I will work on that after this month! I am sorry about that!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Share Of Interest In 2016

Movies :
Deadpool(Didn't watch it in the cinema but can't wait to rent it! Will probably watch its sequel if it is good)
Batman Vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice(Not a fan of DC Universal. But the trailer seems to be good and it seems they are building a Cinema Universal like Marvel. Maybe it is time to give DC a try. Also, they got Wonder Woman in it!)
Captain America 3 : Civil War(My most wanted movie this year! Captain America is my favorite superhero after watching CA1 and CA2!)
X-Men: Apocalypse(Watched last X-men movie in the cinema and found it very good when compare to the older one. However, it seems X-Men movies by Fox aren't stable in quality. Also, they are not very well connected. May watch it depends on feedback)
Dr Stange(Will probably watch it as it is part of the Marvel Cinema Universal. Not knowing much about this character though.)
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(I have watched episode 7 and will watch 8 and 9. However, i don't find episode 7 a very amazing movie but only a ok one(Yes, i am a star wars fan but i would rate it only 7 of 10. I want to see something new instead of a reboot of A New Hope. George Lucas may not be a good director but his concept is always new and epic. Too bad Disney seems to abandon that. But the good thing is Star Wars will keep going). So, i am not sure whether i will see it in cinema.)
Warcraft(Forgot this one earlier but will definitely give it a chance and see it in the cinema! Liked Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft. The only draw back is most of the movies which originally are video games are mostly below average. Hope it can change that!)

Games :
Until Dawn(Interested in it since last year but i need to buy a PS4 first, lol)
(Don't have any games in the mind that i must play this year. But there are a few that i maybe interested like The Division(Ubisoft...), Rise of Tomb Raider(don't like the new face, lol) and Xcom 2(round base) but still has reasons not trying them. also, i found i am lacking of time on the development...)

Anime :
New Game!(A bit similar to one of my favorite anime Shirobako that is about a company that make game instead of anime this time. The character's interactions are fun!)
Macross Delta(The first 14 episodes are quite good but the story seems to lose the direction afterwards. However, the music is still great in this anime!)
My Little Pony(My favorite is Applejack!)
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar(ed)
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!(ed)

Manga :
Toyko Ghoul

Light Novel :
Illidan(Illidan is my favorite character in warcraft! I am extremely happy he is going to come back and even has a redemption story!!!)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Survivor Sarah 2 Chapter 1 -The Inhumane Farm-

The game is finally released on DLSite after several times of adjustment!

JP DLSite :
Eng DLSite :

Patreon :
(Sadly, there is no paypal this time. I will explain at the post below.)

Story :
The survival story of Sarah will continue in this game. The location is at the forest this time.

Gameplay :
Play as Sarah and experience the daily life of being a 'Farm Pet' in the St Pierre Farm in this twisted world. She will be told or even forced to perform in different kinds of works in the farm. Her behavior will affect the outcome of the game.
You will also play as another heroine Anne that will slowly grow in the game and become a true survivor!

Content :
Over 80 events.
Basic CG over 80.
Over 450 CG.

(Please be warned that the game includes humiliation, exhibitionism, bestiality, shota, ryona, torture, bdsm stuff, piss, scat and cruelty!)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Paypal Is Limited

Some of you may notice i have removed those 'donate' and 'buy now' buttons a while ago which was asked by them. And like a few weeks ago, i was still trying to receive donation through paypal and have people sent money to me. But my accounts are still limited again for the second time and it is actually permanent. So, i believe i can no longer receive payment through paypal anymore. I am sorry about that and thanks for all previous donations.

But actually, i have seen some site that are using paypal to sell similar adult digital content and they are still there. But it is possible that some of the theme of my games are violated their terms that they have limited my accounts.

So, i believe my games will be only available on Patreon and DLSite for now. I just hope it can remain stable for a while so i can focus on creating the games now. Thanks.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Agent Alona - Missions Demo

Newest demo available on my Patreon page!

'Agent Alona - Missions' is my newest game and its newest demo is available. You can download it on my Patreon page :

Brief Introduction :
1. First of all, the game will be developed on parallel with Survivor Sarah2. SS2 will receive major updates like before while AAM will receive minor updates. But at least one event or even one mission will be added in each month.
2. The game is largely inspired by the games 'Metal Gear Solid 5' which i recently played and 'Hitman'. If you have tried the demo, you will find i am following the format of those games.
3. The game will be formed by short missions. But each of the them can be expanded into a larger one with more updates and events added and can eventually turn into a large story in each mission.
4. I think the theme 'Agent' can tell a lot of adult stories and scenes. However, in my previous Agent Alona game, it is limited by the story that they have to be related and tied together to form a complete story. However, if it is in the form of missions, more situations can be easily created.
5. And beside short missions, there will be much more especially in the base.
6. Some other characteristics of the game :
a. There will be at least 2 methods/routes to complete each mission. Alona can either fight her whole way(if she is strong enough) or look for another way that involve less fighting or even talk her way out.
b. While Alona is an elite agent at the beginning. She is still weak with no upgrade and support which the player can buy the access to weapons and other equipments to progress her in different ways.
c. Missions can be replay without starting a new game. So, player can try to complete them in different ways with a few trys. I also think it adds the immersive when replaying a scene than in the CG Room.
d. When you are in the mission, you cannot save the unless you have quit the mission. I think it adds immersive too.
e. The game won't end when Alona is defeated or failed her mission. She can restart the mission afterwards.
f. When completed a mission, Alona will receive more 'Budget' so she can spend it to upgrade. And a new variable 'Performance' is added. It will be increased when Alona has completed a mission successfully but decreased if she has failed a mission. It will affect the views on her especially in the base and possibly lead to other consequences.
7. Also, i am thinking about making the game something close to open source that when more resources like outfits, pictures....etc are created. People who are interested can create their own mission for Alona.

It seems to be pretty long for a brief introduction... I am sorry about that but thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A new game coming and the preparation for Fallout 4!

My Adventure In Fallout 4
The appearance of Alona in game! Actually it just looks like the default character Nora but it is the best i can do currently. Hope there will be a mod that add the hair style of Alona, lol.
And here is James! I think he looks really handsome and Alona is totally admiring his face!
Alona and James enjoying their last peaceful day on earth.
Alona living in the world of year 2287 and begins her adventure....
Remind me of a scene in Terminator Genisys....
Finally found a usable(sitable) toilet in game! Hope there will be mod on it!

New Game

A new game will be under development. If you are interested, you can download the preview on my patreon page. However, there are only a few maps created and dialogues of some more important characters. More information will be revealed later!

Roleplaying In Fallout 4

Just a few days more and the game will be released! I have actually pre-ordered the game and even the season pass!(It is the very least time that i would pre-order a game and is even my first time to pre-order a season pass as i have very much faith in bethesda!)

Actually i have planned to roleplay as Sarah at first but later found the military background of the player character should be more suitable for Alona. So, my first character would be her. I know i am weird but i really like to roleplay as the character that i have created before! Here are the stats for them :

Alona :
STR  4
PER  4
INT   6
AGI  5

Sarah :        Rachel :
STR  3        STR  4 
PER  4        PER  6
END 2        END 3
CHA 3        CHA 2
INT   4        INT   2
AGI  5        AGI  8
LUC 7        LUC 3

The Background of Alona in Fallout 4 :
Maybe in an alternative timeline, Agent Alona and Agent James are married and become wife and husband and they even gave birth to a baby. One day, they are visited by the Vault-Tec representative and were approved to be the candidates into Vault 111 because of what they have done for the US government as agents. And later, there is a nuclear attack and a nuke is donated nearby. But luckily, they are able to enter the Vault 111 in time and the story begins....

And they have just released the Launch Trailer, OMG!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Character Poll

Who is your favorite character so far?

I would like to create poll for the characters for a long time! But i have to release my latest game Agent Alona first so there will be at least 3 characters for the poll. I would like to know who is the more popular character so far after you have played their games. I hope you will vote for the character you like most based on her appearance, personality and story....etc!

Here is some of the information on them :

Alona : This is the first character i created among the three characters. Some of you may think she is similar to Black Widow from Avengers but she is actually inspired by the female heroine 'Scarlett' in the first G.i.joe movie. The hair style is almost the same! She is also the first character that i wanted to make into an adult rpg game and tried. But later i have given up because the quality isn't good enough a few years ago. However, i have finally finished it recently and it has become my latest game!

Rachel : After releasing SS1 and was working on SS2, i was a bit tired of Sarah and decide to work on something else. The character is inspired by 'Jade' and 'Kitana' from Mortal Kombat 9. It is more like a combination of Jade's outfit and color and the appearance of princess Kitana! And i actually find she looks quite similar to Akali in League of Legends when i have finished the design for her, lol! At first, i was thinking about a battle/arena tournament game but later found it is quite difficult to make it interesting if it is only about fighting and decide to create a superheroine story instead!

Sarah : I have created this character accidently when i was playing around with my 3d stuffs and find she seems to have quite a lot of potential/utility! I think she is a character that can be appear in many situations. Like she can be an innocent survivor in a zombie world, a princess or a knight in a kingdom, a space ranger.....etc. She makes me want to give creating adult rpg game another try and it turns out to be my first game Survivor Sarah!

(And i have my favorite character too among the 3 characters and voted for her, haha! But i will reveal it later as i don't want to affect your decision!)

One day ago, i thought Rachel is going to be the more popular character among the three because she has like 15% more vote than Sarah and like 30% more than Alona. But it seems the vote for Sarah was suddenly boosted and she is now having around the same vote as Rachel(Did someone spam for Sarah??). I believe i have to give it some more time to see who is the more popular character now, lol! Thank you for everyone who has voted for the poll!

Thank you for all the voting! It seems the poll has ended for a while, i am sorry for the late response. My vote has actually gone to Alona as i prefer proud, confident and mature woman for a hentai game heroine! Also, i have created this character and rendered the pictures for her for a few years before other characters. Hmm.... i think i have some special feelings for this character, lol! But i know it will be either Sarah or Rachel that get more votes as Alona's game is released not for long and so far is a less likable character. I believe she is a more complex character that will take more time for people to actually like her. And more importantly, her appearance isn't as good as the other two to be honest. So, i have decided to create a new appearance for her and it is actually done! If she appeared in anymore game again in the future, she would have a new face and i hope you will like her better! Thanks.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Decision

First of all, here is a brief report on the change of Patreon. With the increased reward requirement, i believe there are over fourty patrons are gone. It is understandable as $20 a month really isn't cheap after all. However, with some friends that helped on promoting the game on some sites, i have gained some new patrons. So, the overall monthly donation that i receive has increased slightly.

Honestly, i actually hoped the number would be either dropped greatly or meeting $2000 as it is my target so i would know clearly which path i should take. However, it seems everything has made it more like an even. So, for now, i will stick to my original plan to work for the 6 months that i have planned a test to work full time. 3 months have passed and there are 3 more to go. By the time, i should be able to finish the first part of SS2 and see if i can come up to a decision on this matter.

I am really impressed for some people is still willing to support for $20 a month. I think it has given me some motivation to continue. However, i understand it is not right to over burden to the people who is still willing to support. So, two more new options are added on Patreon :

Two New Options On Patreon :
$15 or above to receive Updates of Survivor Sarah 2
$20 or above to receive Updates of Survivor Sarah 2 and The Concept Art Gallery

So, if you have received the uncensored of SS1, you can choose to donate less and still receive the update of SS2. I hope it can create a balance on the overall requirement change. And somebody have pointed out that i may have misplace people's trust, if i switch the price during the development and i agree with that. So, i can promise this change will be the final until the development of SS2 is finished.

And there is still quite a lot of patrons still donated $10 or $15 in the last month that i am not sure whether they will continue to support and decide to give them more time. However, i cannot send them the update because the minimum donation to receive updates have shifted to $20 in September although it will be lowered to $15 in October. It is understandable some people may not know the sudden change of scheme. For this reason, i will offer refund to the people who have donated $10 or $15 and think they can still receive the update but will not. However, if they still want to receive the update for September, they can donate $5 to $10(to make their total donation to $20) more through the 'donate' button on my blog. I hope it sounds fair. But as i have already transfered the donation from Patreon to my account this month(I actually have made this decision before i did that but i transfered the donation as usual and cannot recall about it at that time....). Some of the refund can only be done in October and i am sorry for the inconvenience.

One another big change is the number of updates of each month will be reduced from 3 to 1 or 2. Originally, i think releasing an update every 10 days shouldn't be a problem and was a good practice to repay the donation from patrons. However, i found it is truly not good to the whole development. It is more like i have to worry about next update immediately after just releasing a new one. The stress is huge because of the schedule and all i want to do at that time is to finish the next update but actually 'disconnected' myself with the game. During the time, i found i cannot think of or create any new content because i just cannot enjoy the development like i did before. I believe the game will be better if those stress is gone or reduced. Also, i am not sure if people feel the recent updates in the past two months aren't good especially on the dialogues. I believe the more frequent i release an update, the quality will actually be worse because it is not like i got a team to help but done everything myself. I am now taking account on this whole issue as i am truly not happy with it.

I have recently checked my friend's patreon page and he is able to receive the donation which is almost a double of mine each month now. I have tried hard, however it seems the efforts just won't pay up to at least my target. I believe i have changed and can no longer become how i original feel on creating hentai games now. But i will see how it turns out in this few months.

Lastly, the newest Taimanin hentai game 'Taimanin Kurenai' that is going to be released in the end of this month looks really great! I don't really like the main heroine at first. But after looking at the previews, i know it is totally my type of game, haha! It is highly suggested to take a look!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Changes On Patreon, The Reason And Consequence

Hello everyone,

Here I would like to announce I am making changes to my Patreon page and they are as below :

Changes on Patreon
$1 or above to view the information of update(that means you must become a patron to see the info)
$5 or above to view the concept art gallery(unchanged)
$20 or above to receive Uncensored Survivor Sarah 1 and Updates of Survivor Sarah 2
$25 or above to receive all of the rewards above!

Reason for the change
The reason for this change is based on the fact that the amount of patrons that I can receive is really limited because some of the themes of my games are not welcomed by the majority like scat or shota. You can view my previous post 'Should I just give up?' and its comments and that should explain why I feel this way and made the changes.

Something good but it will never happen
The changes is truly basically a price increase in order to receive larger amount of monthly support which honestly is not my original intention. In previous months when the number of patrons is still increasing, I have actually thought about releasing the updates or even the game for free on the internet if it is able to meet certain amount. By doing this, I believe I can publized the game and receive more support in the long run and lastly, it can share burden of current patrons. Think about if I can get 400 patrons and each of them only need to donate $5 and I would already receive $2000 for a month! And if luckily I can get over 1000 patrons, they would just need to donate $2 to help each month. The number maybe a bit unpractical but it is the direction that I originally hoped. However, because of the predicted and limited amount of patrons, it will just never happen.

Making the game exclusive
I am now thinking the opposite way that I will only create game for the people who can enjoy the game completely or can actually ignore the things they don't really like in it. If it can meet certain amount of monthly donation, I am hoping to make the game exclusive to my patrons on patreon and the game won't be available on DLsite or even on my blog. I believe by doing so, it can discriminate the people who don't actually enjoy my games from playing it so I can stop being complained or blamed for adding scenes like scat or shota that are not appreciated by most people, lol! The other reason to make my game exclusive on patreon, is famous site like DLsite can take half of the game price for its commission which is really deep from my point of view. For a game that take 1 year to develop with a price of $13, will require like over 3000 downloads to make it only $1600 a month while my games have already a hard time just to receive 1000 downloads so that amount of download is impossible to archieve. However, despite trying to make it exclusive, I will still try to promote my games and seek more support but I hope only people who can actually like my games will become patrons and I believe the higher requirement will enable me to find the right patron. I believe it is beneficial to both side. Also, if the game has truly become exclusive on patreon, I will also add a lifetime donation requirement for patrons to receive the final game. So, newcomer won't receive the finished game by just donating $20 but only loyal patrons can receive the completed game and I believe it will reduce the chance for the game to be shared easily to make it truly exclusive. But of course, the requirement will be reasonable and I believe it will depends on the development time.

The consequence
I know $20 isn't cheap and I think not all the current patrons can accept or afford the changes and I am not forcing people to continue to support me. But I think it is time for me to realize if my games have enough support and whether I should continue. From SS1 to TGS, from TGS to AA and from AA up to now, there wasn't a time that I can stop worrying about trying to receive enough support for the development. I believe I am not too greedy that hoping to receive $2000 for a month to continue to create games after over 2 years of work as a new start. If I am unable to reach my target, I think it is the right timing to wake up from my dream and give up. Although I believe there are people who works over 10 years in the same field but still receive around the same salary because of their interest, I think it is wiser to make a change.

Some of my background
While I would like my personal thing remain hidden as I don't want any of these to affect people's view on my games, I would like to tell you some of my background that explain why I have to increase the price or I would just give up if it doesn't work. I was born and live in a developed place, the cost of living is really high here especially the housing. It is a place that has one of the most expensive housing price in the world! And more importantly..... I still don't own one and that means I have to paid the extremely high rent each month. Luckily, I still got my parents but I do hope there will be a future for my life. And I can tell you $2000 is around the average income in my place and I think it is around the same as world's average income. However, because of the housing price, receiving $2000 monthly is still COMPLETELY hopeless to own a house or even having a family in the future because you have to paid 40% or above of your income to pay the rent alone. Or even you don't have to pay for the rent, you will have to save up for 30 years just to buy a small house... You are actually doomed in this place if you are poor and can only hope the thing will become better in the future but it is quite unlikely.... Even so, I do still hope to receive $2000 a month after over 2 years of trying and hope it can increase slowly by the time goes on and saves up some money to make some investment for the living.(Maybe some of you already know where I come from but I would still want it to remain unknown, lol!)

But to all patrons, it is truly ok if you don't want to support anymore as it maybe the right time for me to give up creating games and try something else. It is true that I cannot afford to wait one or two more years for the possibility to reach my monthly goal. However, it would be really great if you don't mind to support more during the time to help me. All I can promise is if thing can continue, I will surely lower the reward's requirement again and I actually plan to make another rewards with lower price if I can by pass the next month. But after all, I think I am prepared for whether to continue or not after all those time, I will let you all decide and gladly accept the fate.

Thanks for the long read!

(I will still try my best to finish Sarah's side in part 1 and release updates as I have already received the donations for this month. And for the next month, if I decided to stop, I will refund the donation for September or even remove all patrons before they are being processed. Thanks.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Update on patreon page and a few more preview for SS2

I have updated my patreon page and added a more detailed explanation on the whole gameplay of SS2. You are welcomed to take a look.

And here are some more previews for SS2 :

Monday, July 27, 2015

Should i just give up?

I am a bit depressed this month even the development is going quite well... One of the reason is the increase rate of patrons was lowered and i predict it will stuck at around current number for a while or even dropping. Another reason(and it is actually the bigger reason) is that, it seems my games aren't as popular as i thought.

The reason why i feel this way is a friend who has joined to create adult rpg game not long ago(i think it is around two to three month) has already receiving over $2000 for a month on patreon(which is my dream amount!) and has even more patrons than me now(i think he only starts to receive support for just a month)! While i am really glad for him to receive so much support, it makes me wonder should i continue to create games.(You can view his page at the bottom of my patreon page)

From my opinion, i have spent like over 2 years to develop three games, Survivor Sarah 1, The Green Shadow Rachel and Agent Alona, hoping to build up a reputation to get more downloads and receive greater support. The downloads seems ok on Eng dlsite and the feedback seems mostly positive there. I have also been to some forum that people seems to enjoy playing my games(although scat scenes are complained a lot) and that is the reason i continue. Honestly, i am quite happy for the support i am currently receiving because i think people support me due to they have played my games and think they are enjoyable. But when i compare the amount of patrons with my friend, it just make feel like my games are actually unlikable...

I wouldn't mind if his game is better and more popular than mine and is able to receive more support. However, for his current progress on his game, i am really really shocked that he is able to receive his current amount of support! I have tried his demo and found there seems to be less than 4 events in it. Also, there are much to be added for the system and gameplay. While it has its potential, i just can't believe he is able to gather $2000 support a month and gather 160+ patrons! Yea, i am really jealous about it! But i am not saying he doesn't deserve it but on the contrary, i would like to find out why i cannot receive such amount of support even i have been in this adult game industry for over 2 years while he has worked for no longer than 3 months... Maybe it is time for me to retired and look for other job as i am not actually good at it.

I am now seeking views and feedback on this issue as i cannot think of a reasonable answer for this. I am really really sad at the moment...

Friday, July 3, 2015

Thank you for the support on Patreon!

Thank you for the support on July 2015!

Patreon has finished processing all donations real quick this month! Here are the rewards that i am going to send for July and their date :

7/5/2015 (Sent)
Uncensored SS1(Ver 1.2) with the skip dialogue script
Concept Art Gallery (Lady Gaia unmasked)

7/10/2015 (Sent)
First update of SS2

I have planned for two update of SS2 for this month. And hopefully i can release one more if possible. Thanks again for the support for this month. It is really appreciated!

7/20/2015 (Sent)
Second update of SS2

The first bestiality scene is added in this update along with some other events! It is the first one out of all my games that i want to create for a while! I know it can be hardcore for someone but i think it can show how crazy the world in SS2 has become!

And i plan to release another update for July and it will be out around 28th July.

7/28/2015 (Sent)
Third update of SS2

Second bestiality scene is added in this update along with other events! Also, an option to skip all the scat scenes is added! Thank you all your support for July!

(And again, if you want to support the development for this month but haven't donated on patreon, you can still donate through the 'donate' button on my blog.)

Thank you for the support on June 2015!

Thank you for the support on June! Patreon is currently processing the donations. The rewards information will be sent through message on the site after the whole proceed is completed. I am sorry for the wait. But thanks again for the support on the first month of the new change!

6/5/2015 (Sent)
The rewards are sent! And the picture below show the road to the new area!

6/24/2015 (Sent)
The update of SS2(Ver 0.02) is sent!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SS1 reaching 1000 downloads on DLsite! Shocked and amazed by the announcement of Fallout 4 and my views on it! And a share of interest in 2015!

My first game reaching 1000 downloads!

Thank you for all your support! My first game Survivor Sarah has finally reached over 1000 downloads on both DLSite combined! I am very happy about it because this is always my target for each game i created and it has finally met my original target after 2 years of sales! Thanks again for the support on the game!

Shocked and amazed by the announcement of Fallout 4!

Fallout 4 is finally announced in E3 of 2015 after all those years of waiting! I am very excited about it and is shocked to know the game will actually be released in November this year!

I am a fan of Fallout 3 and it is a life changing game to me! Before playing Fallout 3, i don't really like games that is about guns, shooting and science fiction. I prefer games that is about sword, magic and fantasy(my first rpg game is Everquest which is another life changing title!). But Fallout 3 has changed my preference and i believe it also has some influences on my games although they are about hentai, lol!

The trailer and demo of Fallout 4 is amazing! It seems almost every aspects of the game are improved. The new features like crafting, building, how the power armor works(i believe i can roleplay as ironman in game now, lol!)....etc, makes people amazed on how much efforts they have put to develop the game and can't wait for it!

However, i have my worries like most of the fans because the degree of roleplay in Fallout 4 seems to be decreased greatly judging from what we have seen so far. And here are the reasons for it :

1. Voiced protagonist
While it is an improvement to have a voiced Player Character. At the same time, it also destroyed the possibility to create the character in your mind completely if it isn't done right! One of the reason you can create your own character in Bethesda's rpg game because your character has no voice! You can always imagine how he sounds or whatever his attitude is even for the same line of dialogue! It leave a lot of imagination for roleplaying! A given voice will fix the personality/characteristic of your character even you are able to choose different dialogues. It will be more like Shepard from Mass Effect and  Geralt from Witcher. The reason i don't play those games because i don't really like a very much set character even you can customize them! Also, i personally believe why Bethesda's rpg games can always sell a few millions more than those games is because they can provide a chance for the player to truly create their very own character! I think it is a bad decision for adding voiced PC currently unless we are allowed to change the tone of the voice and create different personalities and from my opinion, it requires around 10 tones for each gender at least! I really hope it will be the case or i will be quite disappointed if there is only 1 voice/tone for each gender or i cannot find the tone that i want even there are more than 1 tone.

2. Set background
Hmm..... your character can either be a father or mother in the same family and you also have a baby of your own. I think it limits you from creating a really young character or being a virgin, lol! I don't really like it because of the limitation but still think it is acceptable because you can still be a wide range of character like you can be over 20 to over 80 years old character of either sex and there seems to have not much background for what had happened to you in the pass. It seems you can always make your up backstory of him or her here. However, i believe the biggest problem here is again the voiced protagonist.... The voice acting for the male character is gentle and nice in the trailer/demo. It doesn't sounds like he can be an evil person at all but more like good man who would care about his family and baby which is a problem.... So, unless there are dialogues in the game like 'i actually hate my wife' or 'having a baby is actually suck and i want to get rid of it!' then i am a bit scared the game will be about 'love' and 'family'.... It is just my thought.

3. Hidden dialogues
It looks like it is a trend to hide the real dialogues and instead, give you the choices of different directions of how your character will response. I personally dislike it like some other players.... because it is like 90% of the time the real dialogues are different than what you thought in your mind! You will feel your character is forced to say those lines. And Fallout 4 has decided to follow this trend which is sad.... I really want to know what my character is going to say exactly before making the decision to feel like i am truly controlling the protagonist that i create!

So, the biggest fear of mine is Fallout 4's roleplaying aspect is getting close to games like Mass Effect or The Witcher in order to improve the story telling from the developer's point of view and sacrifice the freedom to create your own character like previous Bethesda's rpg game which largely affect player's degree of roleplay. Voiced protagonist is definitely an improve if all the players can find the voice or tone they want to use! But practically, i don't think the developer is able to provide that because it would require a huge amount of resources to do so. I have no doubt the gameplay and mechanism of Fallout 4 will be amazing and will become one of the best game update to date. However, the roleplaying possibility may become the most limited one out of all Bethesda's rpg games but i hope i am wrong! Sorry for the long read but i really want to express my view on the newest game of one of my favorite series of all time!

A share of interest in 2015

2015 is truly a year of entertainment to me! Here is the list of my interests in 2015 :

Movies :
Avengers 2 (I liked it despite it isn't as good as the first one)
Mad Max : Fury Road (Didn't watch the previous 3 movies but this one is really entertaining and worth watching)
Jurassic World
Terminator 5
Star Wars Episode 7

Games :
Mortal Kombat X (Disappointed because of the downgraded battle damage, lol!)
Heroes Of The Storm (Currently playing it and like it so far!)
Fallout 4
Star Wars Battlefront

Anime :
Shirobako (One of the best anime I have seen in my life!)

Comics :
Gunnm / Battle Angel Alita (My favorite comic of all time and a new chapter begins this year! The main protagonist Alita/Gally is my favorite female heroine out of comic and anime that i have read in my entire life! And she is possibly the reason i like girl that fight! If you are interested in reading it, remember to start from Vol 1 to Vol 9 instead of 'last order'!)
Naruto (Just as predicted, this comic isn't ended yet! A new chapter begins, hehe)
Tokyo Ghoul (There are quite a lot things that i don't like in this comic but the story is intriguing that make you want to see the end of it once you have followed!)

Just a share through!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bestiality Preview, Looking For Japanese Translator and Fixing the Skip Dialogues Script!

Bestiality Preview

(The world has become cruel after the outbreak of the zombies. To survive, will Sarah give up some of her humanity and do something she has never done before?!)

I was focusing on working on the event pictures for SS2 in this week but also taken some rest. Sorry for not replying during the time and i will start to reply to all previous emails again!

Looking For Japanese Translator
I am looking for japanese translator to translate SS1 into japanese and hoping release the jp version of SS1 on dlsite to see if it can do better! I will pay for this service and it is welcome to let me know your price!

Fixing the Skip Dialogues Script
I have found a skip dialogues script on a forum. However, there are quite a lot of problem created when i have added it into my games. I am looking for volunteer who are willing to help on this! If you are interested to help, please let me know! I will send you the script and tell you what are the problems.

I believe the script is fixed now and have actually added in the newest version of AA and SS2. But it is welcome to let me know if you find any problem that is related to it. Thanks!

Monday, May 11, 2015

New Content For SS1, Information on SS2 and Working Full Time!

Information On Survivor Sarah 2 :

My next game will be Survivor Sarah 2 which some of you may have waited for! I have started to develop SS2 immediately after releasing SS1 like 2 years ago but moved to other projects like TGS and AA. However, as the story is being developed, it will continue in SS2 and that is the reason i am going to work on it again!

I am working on the event pictures now, here is a preview! But one thing i want to make it clear that the first part of SS2 will be heavily emphasize on torture and rape(Sarah's side. Anne's side will be about Shota i think). There will actually be bestiality in it! For each character with a sequel, i would always want to go deeper and deeper for those perverted scene. I know some of you may already have a hard time to accept some of the scenes in my previous games. So, i would like to give a warning for those who have donated on patreon to receive the update of SS2 and make sure you can accept or prepared for those scenes! I really hope you won't pay for something that you can't take it! But for the second part of SS2, i believe the scenes will be less 'hardcore'.

And here is my view on the first part of SS2(Sarah's side). I think the main idea is 'ponygirl' or 'pet'. To be honest, i don't have really much knowledge on it but i have seen them appears in some adult comics, pics and real life videos and liked the idea! I believe it is from western and is part of the bdsm stuff. And I have just searched on the internet(lol!) and found the concept of it is something about females roleplaying as horses sexually. However, in my game, it would be more like a pet rather than just a horse so more kinds of event can be created! So, you can expect there will be bondage and torture scene in the first part of the game!

Here is a look at the second heroine of SS2, Anne! While she is just one of the many survivors, she is also an very important character in the story!

A closer look at Anne! I believe it would be her final design. Adjusted her face a bit to make her look thinner. She is supposed to be the thinnest girl in all my games so far!

New Cover Image!

Here are some info of SS2 :
-The game will continue the incident after SS1.
-The game has 2 heroines Sarah and Anne. You will be able to control both of them. However, i believe Sarah will still get more events than Anne.
-The battlers and special attacks will be like the one in TGS and AA instead of SS1.(like the new Sarah's battler above!)
-There will be clothing damage system like the one in TGS. Special attacks will be performed by creatures on the heroines when their clothing are damaged! But both Sarah and Anne will only have 1 outfit for this system(the default one).
-There will be battle background this time. But i haven't decided to use 2d or 3d backgrounds yet.
-The heroines will be able to upgrade their equipment and buy/exchange items with the 'resources' they have collected.
-The amount of event pics would be between TGS and AA i believe.
-The development time should be less than a year.
-There are 3 main parts in the game :
 The first part will be similar to AA. If you have played the demo of SS2 on dlsite, you will know what it is about. It will based on decisions and lead to different consequences!
 The second part will be similar to TGS that Sarah will be able to explore the world freely but instead  of a city, it will be forest, village, cave, lake....etc. I hope to make it a bit like Monster Hunter! This part would be like a classic rpg game that you have to explore the area and search for the treasures!
 The third part will be closer to SS1 that Sarah has to focus on survival and run!

I am currently upgrading the game like battlers, animations, skills....etc. The updated version of SS2 will also be sent in the next month to patrons with any new progress made by the time!

New Content For Survivor Sarah 1 :

The additional contents for Survivor Sarah is completed! The picture above is the sample!

New Contents For SS1 :
1 Creature
2 Special Attacks of the new creature
3 Defeated Scenes
2 Events
2 Weapons(The strongest and weakest weapon in game!)
2 Maps
1 Title Picture(new title pic that is consistent to TGS's and AA's)

Update :
Sarah's stats is adjust to a more realistic one for roleplaying!
Biology is added in the status menu!

The uncensored version of SS1 with the new additional contents will be sent to patrons who have donated(please see the reward list!) on my patreon's page at the beginning of next month(June) after the donation is proceed!

My Patreon :

Working Full Time!
Agent Alona is my latest game and is by far the most profitable one for a single game despite the development time is over 1 year. It is mainly because a lot of you have donated on my blog to support the development before it was even released and i can receive almost the full amount of donations instead for giving half of the game price to dlsite for the commission! Thank you very much!!!

So, even AA cannot meet my target download number currently, the amount of donation that is generated by it has motivated me to try and work for creating adult rpg games for full time! I will give half year as a test(starting from next month) and see if i can meet my goal. My plan is to work for a few years on this field if everything is ok after the test period! I believe the donations from AA is almost the maximum i can get from creating an adult rpg game like this and i expect the future games will earn less. However, i believe if i am able to work for full time to finish more games at a faster rate, the donations and income that are generated by them can be satisfying and i would like to give it a try! So, if you are interested in supporting the development, you can donate on my patreon page and help me to meet my monthly goal!

(Some of you have told me that you can't donate through patreon. If you still want to help, you can support me through the 'donate' button on my blog. I will send the same rewards on patreon!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Monthly Subscription Plan on Patreon and Current Project

My Work :
I am trying to develop adult rpg games that made by rpg maker xp. If you like my games, you can support me.

Projects :
Additional Content for SS1 (Completed)
Survivor Sarah 2 Chapter 1 -The Inhumane Farm- (Completed)
Survivor Sarah 2 Chapter 2 -???- (Under Development)
Survivor Sarah 2 ~The Cruel World~ (Under Development)
Agent Alona : Missions (Under Development)

Patreon :
Starting from this project, I am hoping to receive monthly support by using Patreon like some other adult game developers are doing. It seems it can raise a more reliable support then just listing the game for sale after finishing it.

One of the reason that I didn't switch to this module earlier is because instead of looking for support to create 1 game, I want to create GAMES! To me, I don't really like those earlier access game because when they have enough support, they may slow down their progress and it will take forever for the developer to add a few things or some games will not actually be finished and I really doesn't like this idea at all! My target is always moving from 1 game to another game, so I can create a lot of GAMES and tell different stories! And I can tell you I have over 10 idea for games in my mind but it is just the concepts come a lot faster than I can create them.

And for the reason I am trying to give Patreon another try is the download number of my games are still limited to be honest. I didn't say it before but my target for each game is always over 1000 downloads. However, none of my games is able to make it currently although Survivor Sarah is getting close to it. My original thought is, by creating more games, I believe the download number will increase but that is not the case. For my newest game Agent Alona, even I have tried to receive donations during the development, the download number is still only over 750 currently. To continue creating more games, I believe I will need to change the way to receive support. Also, I hope to receive a more stable support so I can worry less about the development time and cost while I am working on them. I believe it can provide a better environment for the development and improve the quality of the game.

So, I believe I can use Patreon to work it out. It will be like a monthly subscription. And when you have subscribed for the month, you will be able to download the newest version of the current project. For the current example, if you have become a patron in May, your donation will be processed at the beginning of next month(June). On this month, you will be able to download the newest version of the current project and it will be the uncensored version of SS1 and the additional content for it when it is finished.

Here is the list of rewards :
For $5 : Support the development and will be able to view the concept art gallery. More picture will be added in each month.
For $10 : Support the development and will be able to download the newest version of the current project for the month.
For $15 : Support the development and will be able to download the newest version of the current project for the month and view the concept art gallery.

My Plan for future Games :
If you have played my previous 3 games, Survivor Sarah, The Green Shadow Rachel and Agent Alona, I hope you will notice that they are connected and are in the same universe. This is what I want to create! A world filled with different characters and tell different kind of stories and at the same time they are connected and affecting each other! I would say phrase 1 is finished as a world is created and the zombie incident is the ongoing event for the series. The story will continue in
phrase 2 and there will be another 3 games to tell the story(something I learnt from Marvel as I am a fan of them!). I have already got the idea and story in my mind!

Phase 1 :

Phase 2 :
SS2, ??, ??

Phase 3 :
(More titles that are inspired by video games and movies but I don't want to reveal them before phase 2 is completed)

And if I am able to receive enough support, I really hope to hire people and speed up the development. It will be great if I can multi tasking on two or more games at the same time with people's help! Then patrons will have more games to download in each month! However, for the games in phase 2, my plan is still to finish them on my own.
I am not sure how many patrons will be willing to join currently and I will give it a month or two and see! But I hope my plan can convince some of you to support the development in this new change! Please feel free to ask any questions!