Monday, May 11, 2015

New Content For SS1, Information on SS2 and Working Full Time!

New Content For Survivor Sarah 1 :

The additional contents for Survivor Sarah is completed! The picture above is the sample!

New Contents For SS1 :
1 Creature
2 Special Attacks of the new creature
3 Defeated Scenes
2 Events
2 Weapons(The strongest and weakest weapon in game!)
2 Maps
1 Title Picture(new title pic that is consistent to TGS's and AA's)

Update :
Sarah's stats is adjust to a more realistic one for roleplaying!
Biology is added in the status menu!

The uncensored version of SS1 with the new additional contents will be sent to patrons who have donated(please see the reward list!) on my patreon's page at the beginning of next month(June) after the donation is proceed!

My Patreon :

Information On Survivor Sarah 2 :

My next game will be Survivor Sarah 2 which some of you may have waited for! I have started to develop SS2 immediately after releasing SS1 like 2 years ago but moved to other projects like TGS and AA. However, as the story is being developed, it will continue in SS2 and that is the reason i am going to work on it again!

Here are some info of SS2 :
-The game will continue the incident after SS1.
-The game has 2 heroines Sarah and Anne. You will be able to control both of them. However, i believe Sarah will still get more events than Anne.
-The battlers and special attacks will be like the one in TGS and AA instead of SS1.(like the new Sarah's battler above!)
-There will be clothing damage system like the one in TGS. Special attacks will be performed by creatures on the heroines when their clothing are damaged! But both Sarah and Anne will only have 1 outfit for this system(the default one).
-There will be battle background this time. But i haven't decided to use 2d or 3d backgrounds yet.
-The heroines will be able to upgrade their equipment and buy/exchange items with the 'resources' they have collected.
-The amount of event pics would be between TGS and AA i believe.
-The development time should be less than a year.
-There are 3 main parts in the game :
 The first part will be similar to AA. If you have played the demo of SS2 on dlsite, you will know what it is about. It will based on decisions and lead to different consequences!
 The second part will be similar to TGS that Sarah will be able to explore the world freely but instead  of a city, it will be forest, village, cave, lake....etc. I hope to make it a bit like Monster Hunter! This part would be like a classic rpg game that you have to explore the area and search for the treasures!
 The third part will be closer to SS1 that Sarah has to focus on survival and run!

I am currently upgrading the game like battlers, animations, skills....etc. The updated version of SS2 will also be sent in the next month to patrons with any new progress made by the time!

Working Full Time!
Agent Alona is my latest game and is by far the most profitable one for a single game despite the development time is over 1 year. It is mainly because a lot of you have donated on my blog to support the development before it was even released and i can receive almost the full amount of donations instead for giving half of the game price to dlsite for the commission! Thank you very much!!!

So, even AA cannot meet my target download number currently, the amount of donation that is generated by it has motivated me to try and work for creating adult rpg games for full time! I will give half year as a test(starting from next month) and see if i can meet my goal. My plan is to work for a few years on this field if everything is ok after the test period! I believe the donations from AA is almost the maximum i can get from creating an adult rpg game like this and i expect the future games will earn less. However, i believe if i am able to work for full time to finish more games at a faster rate, the donations and income that are generated by them can be satisfying and i would like to give it a try! So, if you are interested in supporting the development, you can donate on my patreon page and help me to meet my monthly goal!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Character Poll

Who is your favorite character so far?

I would like to create poll for the characters for a long time! But i have to release my latest game Agent Alona first so there will be at least 3 characters for the poll. I would like to know who is the more popular character so far after you have played their games. I hope you will vote for the character you like most based on her appearance, personality and story....etc!

Here is some of the information on them :

Alona : This is the first character i created among the three characters. Some of you may think she is similar to Black Widow from Avengers but she is actually inspired by the female heroine 'Scarlett' in the first G.i.joe movie. The hair style is almost the same! She is also the first character that i wanted to make into an adult rpg game and tried. But later i have given up because the quality isn't good enough a few years ago. However, i have finally finished it recently and it has become my latest game!

Rachel : After releasing SS1 and was working on SS2, i was a bit tired of Sarah and decide to work on something else. The character is inspired by 'Jade' and 'Kitana' from Mortal Kombat 9. It is more like a combination of Jade's outfit and color and the appearance of princess Kitana! And i actually find she looks quite similar to Akali in League of Legends when i have finished the design for her, lol! At first, i was thinking about a battle/arena tournament game but later found it is quite difficult to make it interesting if it is only about fighting and decide to create a superheroine story instead!

Sarah : I have created this character accidently when i was playing around with my 3d stuffs and find she seems to have quite a lot of potential/utility! I think she is a character that can be appear in many situations. Like she can be an innocent survivor in a zombie world, a princess or a knight in a kingdom, a space ranger.....etc. She makes me want to give creating adult rpg game another try and it turns out to be my first game Survivor Sarah!

(And i have my favorite character too among the 3 characters and voted for her, haha! But i will reveal it later as i don't want to affect your decision!)

One day ago, i thought Rachel is going to be the more popular character among the three because she has like 15% more vote than Sarah and like 30% more than Alona. But it seems the vote for Sarah was suddenly boosted and she is now having around the same vote as Rachel(Did someone spam for Sarah??). I believe i have to give it some more time to see who is the more popular character now, lol! Thank you for everyone who has voted for the poll!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Monthly Subscription Plan on Patreon and Current Project

My Work :
I am trying to develop adult rpg games that made by rpg maker xp. If you like my games, you can support me.

Current Project :
This is the cover picture of my previous game Survivor Sarah! But can you notice the difference between the old one? Hehe. This will be my current work in progress.

Patreon :
Starting from this project, I am hoping to receive monthly support by using Patreon like some other adult game developers are doing. It seems it can raise a more reliable support then just listing the game for sale after finishing it.

One of the reason that I didn't switch to this module earlier is because instead of looking for support to create 1 game, I want to create GAMES! To me, I don't really like those earlier access game because when they have enough support, they may slow down their progress and it will take forever for the developer to add a few things or some games will not actually be finished and I really doesn't like this idea at all! My target is always moving from 1 game to another game, so I can create a lot of GAMES and tell different stories! And I can tell you I have over 10 idea for games in my mind but it is just the concepts come a lot faster than I can create them.

And for the reason I am trying to give Patreon another try is the download number of my games are still limited to be honest. I didn't say it before but my target for each game is always over 1000 downloads. However, none of my games is able to make it currently although Survivor Sarah is getting close to it. My original thought is, by creating more games, I believe the download number will increase but that is not the case. For my newest game Agent Alona, even I have tried to receive donations during the development, the download number is still only over 750 currently. To continue creating more games, I believe I will need to change the way to receive support. Also, I hope to receive a more stable support so I can worry less about the development time and cost while I am working on them. I believe it can provide a better environment for the development and improve the quality of the game.

So, I believe I can use Patreon to work it out. It will be like a monthly subscription. And when you have subscribed for the month, you will be able to download the newest version of the current project. For the current example, if you have become a patron in May, your donation will be processed at the beginning of next month(June). On this month, you will be able to download the newest version of the current project and it will be the uncensored version of SS1 and the additional content for it when it is finished.

Here is the list of rewards :
For $5 : Support the development and will be able to view the concept art gallery. More picture will be added in each month.
For $10 : Support the development and will be able to download the newest version of the current project for the month.
For $15 : Support the development and will be able to download the newest version of the current project for the month and view the concept art gallery.

My Plan for future Games :
If you have played my previous 3 games, Survivor Sarah, The Green Shadow Rachel and Agent Alona, I hope you will notice that they are connected and are in the same universe. This is what I want to create! A world filled with different characters and tell different kind of stories and at the same time they are connected and affecting each other! I would say phrase 1 is finished as a world is created and the zombie incident is the ongoing event for the series. The story will continue in
phrase 2 and there will be another 3 games to tell the story(something I learnt from Marvel as I am a fan of them!). I have already got the idea and story in my mind!

Phase 1 :

Phase 2 :
SS2, ??, ??

Phase 3 :
(More titles that are inspired by video games and movies but I don't want to reveal them before phase 2 is completed)

And if I am able to receive enough support, I really hope to hire people and speed up the development. It will be great if I can multi tasking on two or more games at the same time with people's help! Then patrons will have more games to download in each month! However, for the games in phase 2, my plan is still to finish them on my own.
I am not sure how many patrons will be willing to join currently and I will give it a month or two and see! But I hope my plan can convince some of you to support the development in this new change! Please feel free to ask any questions!


Friday, April 24, 2015

Agent Alona ~The Japan Investigation~

Current Version Released :
DLsite : Agent Alona (Ver 1.0)(censored) $18
My Blog : Agent Alona (Ver 1.01)(uncensored) $25

A huge potential risk has hit Japan! Agent Alona has to prevent it at all cost. The agent is in a place that is unfamiliar to her. Is she able to finish her mission or will she be trapped and corrupted?
The choice is at the hands of the player!

Over 104 events
Over 240 basic CGs
Over 1300 CGs
(Please be warned that the game include humiliation, exhibitionism, shota, ryona, torture, bdsm stuff, piss, scat(total 10 scenes) and cruelty(1 extreme violent scene)!)

JP DLsite :
Eng DLsite :

(You will be redirected to the download link immediately after the payment)

No of Donations Received : 428

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Current Project

My Work :
I am trying to develop adult rpg games that made by rpg maker xp. If you like my games, you can support me.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Preview pics for Agent Alona

Some preview pics for AA as i have promised earlier!

Also, i am looking for volunteers that would like to help on creating character sprites for Alona. I am really not good at 2d art so i hope someone can help on this. I would like some sprites of Alona of different costumes to be created. Please let me know if you wouldn't mind to help! Thanks.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

About Scat And Cruel Scenes :

About scat and cruel scenes :
I have read some comments that is about AA on one of the hentai game forum and it seems it has raised a concern about the scat scenes and one of the violent/cruel scene in the game.

For the scat scenes, I know some of you will find it disguisting and cannot take it. However, there will always be some in my games because it meets the theme of humiliation but it won't become the majority. I see one of the player said there are currently 16 scenes that is related to scat. But I have counted for a few times and the number of scat related scenes that are added in the last latest update is only 6. And 1 more is added in this newest update. 3 more will be added in the future. So, the total number of scat scenes is 10. I am not sure why he has counted 16 and that is 10 more than the actual number at that time. Hmm.....maybe he has counted by the number of the pictures and variants also but I am not sure. The total number of scenes in AA would be over 100. So, you can consider there is around 10% of the scenes are related in scat. I think it is not much if you are a scat lovers or it can be already too much for you if you can't take scat! One thing I would like to share with you that the point of adding scat in some scenes is not to appreciate the scat but the situation and humiliation that brought by it. As I have said before, I am not a hardcore scat lover that I would like to look at it, touch it, smell it....etc. And I would not even want to look at one in real life! Actually, I am unsure why I can consider it as nothing when I was creating those pictures, lol! There was time that I find it is crazy when I saw it in some adult videos but later find something that I like in it. I will surely hope some of the player will like it finally. But I still need to tell you again please make sure you are prepared before trying the game!

For the cruel scene, I know some of you maybe violated by it. And yea, I think it is quite extreme too. However, I think it also depends on personal preference and acceptance level of cruelty. I have read some european adult comics that are a lot more extreme!(Please be warned before reading the following, extremely cruel!) One of the story is about a female interviewer goes to interview some cannibalisms and during the time, she has to try being cooked and serve on the table. She was first heated in a stove to death. Then her body is cut off and put on the table. Her head, arms, legs, breasts, vagina....etc, are put on the dishes and served separately. Everyone in the comic is really calm and even the male cameraman who was with her is keep smiling and think the shooting is succesful.(end) I personally still can't take something like this even today. It is totally crazy and there is no logic in those characters's mind! However, I still appreciate those comics because they can still inspire me and they are some form of art. But in my games, I would still hope to show the correct morality like what is right or wrong. In those violent/cruel scenes, it would mostly be some gameover scenes that the villains will do their own things or bad consequences because of wrong decision. Also, i am a fan of Mortal Kombat 9 that was released a few years ago(and I am waiting for MK 10 that will be released in the next month!). It is a fighting game that when the character is defeated, his/her opponent can perform a 'fatality' to kill! It involve extreme violent like losing limbs, being cut into half, got the head cut or blow off.....etc. And the style is actually realistic rather than comic style. I believe in each of my game will include 1 or 2 extreme cruel scenes like this if the situation met. And I believe people can actually accept it consider how popular Mortal Kombat is. However, I understand people's concern in the particular cruel scene in AA. But there is actually a similar scene in Survivor Sarah(Spoiler ahead!) that in one of the alternate ending when Sarah has become a zombie. She has actually bitten off the penis of a male passenger in the scene(Spoiler end). It is strange that people seems to be less concern on this. But I know there is difference between a zombie and a human being doing the same thing. So, the point is whether you can consider it is a matter of imagination or fiction is controlling your acceptance level of the cruel scenes(or event scat scenes). As for a zombie, people think it is not real and they can accept what it does but may not be able to accept the same thing if it is done by a human because it can be real.

What I believe that in the world of hentai, everything should be clear that it is unreal and it is just a matter of imagination. Or simple thing like rape will be considered as crime. I am not saying everyone that like hentai should accept my games. But I would like to make sure people should be able to recognize what is real and what is a fiction before trying my game! I would not want to affect people in a bad direction!

But to be honest, I have my doubt on whether dlsite will approve the scene too even when it is censored. I may adjust or remove the scene if it is required in order to be listed on dlsite. However, I believe this scene will always be included in the uncensored version of AA that is available on my blog.

For AA, it is largely inspired by Japanese adult videos. It includes themes like school/teacher, office/OL, train molesters, peeping, shota, female investigator.....etc. And the theme of peeping has provided some of the humiliations in the game. It usually involves cloth changing, pissing and shitting. And I think shitting is actually the more embarrassing one because I believe most females would not want to be seen during the time most! And that is the main reason I add those scat scenes!

Hmm...i guess I should stop here as I have already written a lot of words. I may continue to express my view and discuss on this some other times.

Sorry for the really long read! But I really suggest you reading it before trying AA!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Q : How would you receive the game when you have donated.
A : When you have donated, i will receive the notification from paypal. Then i will mark down your paypal email(or you can give me alternative one) and amount donated on my list. Once the update is avaliable, i will upload it on 'onedrive' and 'google drive'. Then i will send the download link to your email. The email will be sent by group in bcc field and you would not view the email address of each other for better privacy.

Q : Will you be continuing making Agent Alona?I saw the post about removing patreon.(10/30/2014)
A : I have re-setup my page on patreon, you may visit it:
To simply explain it :
1. Donation through the 'donate button' on my blog will be consider as support for Agent Alona. And people will receive the updates and final game if the amount is $30 or above.
2. I am using patreon to receive monthly fund on the whole development for the adult rpg games but not only AA. As i said before, i still want to develop more games. It is really my interest! I like to tell those stories filled with erotic idea a lot! I am going to release info of my future games there.
(I hope it didn't sound too greedy as i am trying to receive funds from two location. It is totally up to you whether you want to support more!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Postponing the release of Agent Alona

In the past several months, i have spent most of my free time to work on the game. But i am really sorry that the game can't be finished on August. I believe the game will still take 'months' to finish. I apologize for not being able to release the game on the targeted date. Actually, i wouldn't want to give a release date until the game is close to finish but dlsite require one to complete the registration. So, i am not going to give a new release date currently.

However, i would post several pictures of the game on August as a preview and for the inconvenience caused.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Agent Alona Demo

Hi everyone,

I am very glad that i have received some feedback and suggestions from some of you on Agent Alona. I am really happy and enjoy all those idea. But here i would like to let you know i may not be able to reply to all of your email as it is quite time consuming. Previously, i try to reply all of them and some are rather detailed. However, i will still read them carefully as those idea may improve the game! Thanks.

The Demo of my newest adult rpg game Agent Alona ~The Japan Investigation~ has been successfully registered and available to download on jp dlsite. Here is link :
I hope you will give it a try, thanks.

And i have recently found some google blog users who have posted link to dlsite on their own blog. It seems there is no problem by doing so. What i was afraid was about the change of policy of google blog last year that you can't advertise adult commercial things on google blog or you will get banned or removed. I will start to post link to dlsite and i hope my blog won't be banned or removed.

And here i would like to talk about scat/shit in the game or in my games. I have recently read some forums concerning the scat/shit in my game. I know it is not for anyone and people may need to know whether it is included the game to decide whether to try the game or not. And here i would like to say all my games that have planned right now have some scat/shit scenes in them. I wouldn't say it is the main focus of the game but it is definitely there. I think you can guess that if you have played my previous games, lol!

About my view on shit. It is not like i am very fond of scat/shit, hehe. I am the same as most of you that i think scat/shit is disguisting and i would never dare to touch it in real life. However, i find having the female heroine to shit in the game or even before the audiences will cause a lot of humiliation and that is what i want. Humiliation is always my main focus of the game. And i think the shame of shitting is even greater than pissing and thats why i add it to my games!

For the game that i have just registered, i haven't taken care of the tags as they are just some temporary tags that added by dlsite after they have played the demo. And the maximum amount of tags are six for each game, i can't tag everything even for the final game. However, i would list more of them under the description so you may know more about the game. And i hope it may help you to get better of what are included in the game.

I have just submitted the demo of my new game to dlsite. The game will only be listed on jp dlsite currently. Please allow a week for it be uploaded as there are some approval process.

The new game is about the story of an agent known as Alona who was sent to prevent a crisis in Japan. The place is unfamiliar to her and may cause her a lot of trouble than she can imagine. The game isn't about fighting terrorists or assassinating target. It is more like an investigation. And there won't be a lot of military things in this game as you may mislead by the picture, hehe. I believe it will turn out to be quite different than what you original thought and expect after you have played the demo. But i hope you will give it a try on the demo.

The game is very far from complete because it should be larger than my previous two games and will take more times before i can finish it.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Info of my next game

Hello everyone,
I am currently working on the demo of my next game. It will still take sometimes until the demo can be completed. But here is some info that i would like to tell during the time.

1. This new game should have more story and events than my previous games. The scenes and dialogues will be increased.
2. The gameplay will be more focus on making choices and their effects to the game.
3. There will be less fighting which means the game isn't about leveling and defeating powerful bosses.
4. Fights are more planned(but winning or losing will affect the outcome). Most fights should have its story behind it.
5. The route to finish the game will be different depending on player's choice.
6. There will be different endings affected by choices thoughout the game.
7. The starting level is 20 as the character is well-trained and experienced.
8. While i wouldn't want to reveal the story yet, the game is still set in modern timeline like my previous games.
9. One larger topic on this game is about the Japanese words "悪戯".
10. This title is actually the first idea(come before Survivor Sarah and The Green Shadow) that i want to made into a rpg game but later given up because i didn't make it satisfy enough at the time(thats a few years ago actually). But with the experience from previous games, i decide to work on it again. And every materials are remade for better quality.
11. I consider it is a less popular topic than my previous games(zombies and superheroes). And someone may actually think it is weird of what it is about. But i think it can be quite humiliating and erotic if it is done right.

While they are the things on my mind but the final game may still have some possible changes to them. But they are what i want to achieve currently.

Thank you for reading! And sorry for not providing any information on the story as i want to prepare more before annoucing it!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Masked Superheroine : The Green Shadow Rachel

Content :
Play as the superheroine "The Green Shadow" and fight the criminals in the city. Helping the citizens and experience the daily life of a superheroine! (The game is for 18+ only!)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Green Shadow Rachel Demo

8/1/2014 DLsite has replied to me that the game has passed the approval and will be released in these few days. It will be available on both jp and eng dlsite.

30/12/2013 The demo is updated and can be downloaded from jp dlsite now.
(Updated features : Added BGMs to the game, fixed some bug, updated the status menu...etc. There are no new event in this new demo compare to the old one. So, if you have played the old demo, you may not need to try it.)

29/12/2013 I have sent the updated demo but they somehow can't receive it. The current demo on dlsite is still the old one. However, they have already updated the description which says the demo is new. I think it will take one or two day before they can upload the new demo. I will announce it here when it available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2/12/2013 - The demo for my new adult RPG game "Masked Superheroine : The Green Shadow Rachel" can be downloaded from jp dlsite now. Please take a look if you are interested. Thanks!

The new game is about a heroine that is sent by a superhero organization "The Earth Alliance" to a small city to fight for the crime and help the citizens. The main characeter is known as 'Rachel' and her superhero name is "The Green Shadow". She was trained as a ninja and assassin in the past and become superheroine in recent years. She is a ninja type superhero and progress peak human agile and dexity.

Some notes to the demo:
1. Most npc/citizens are using placeholder. I should replace them in the final game.
2. There should be more citizens in the city as it is still not crowd enough.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Stilling Working........

Just an update to my blog since i have no update for a few months. Here is one of the event in the farm which Sarah is helping the farmer on cutting woods.....also representing i am still working on SS2. There will be different 'stages' of the same event. Like this cutting wood event, this picture is showing the stage 1. When Sarah decides(or forced) to help on this event again. It will move to stage 2 which is actually an another event of the same subject 'cutting wood'. And maybe there is 'stage 3' too.....I hope you know what i mean as my english isn't very good. Not something very advanced but just let you know there will be progress of each event.

The developing progress is slow as i have planned to have a larger content and more of a story for SS2. I hope you can understand. Thanks for visiting the blog!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Survivor Sarah

A RPG game feature zombies and mutant creatures. Play as Sarah to escape the dangerous city.
The game is available on both jp and eng dlsite.


Hello everyone!
This blog is about hentai RPG game which is only suitable for 18+ adult to read. Please be warned!
I have created an adult rpg game "Survivor Sarah" with rpg maker xp.
I will use this blog to annouce information on my game.
Thanks for the visit!