Thursday, November 5, 2015

A new game coming and the preparation for Fallout 4!

My Adventure In Fallout 4
The appearance of Alona in game! Actually it just looks like the default character Nora but it is the best i can do currently. Hope there will be a mod that add the hair style of Alona, lol.
And here is James! I think he looks really handsome and Alona is totally admiring his face!
Alona and James enjoying their last peaceful day on earth.
Alona living in the world of year 2287 and begins her adventure....
Remind me of a scene in Terminator Genisys....
Finally found a usable(sitable) toilet in game! Hope there will be mod on it!

New Game

A new game will be under development. If you are interested, you can download the preview on my patreon page. However, there are only a few maps created and dialogues of some more important characters. More information will be revealed later!

Roleplaying In Fallout 4

Just a few days more and the game will be released! I have actually pre-ordered the game and even the season pass!(It is the very least time that i would pre-order a game and is even my first time to pre-order a season pass as i have very much faith in bethesda!)

Actually i have planned to roleplay as Sarah at first but later found the military background of the player character should be more suitable for Alona. So, my first character would be her. I know i am weird but i really like to roleplay as the character that i have created before! Here are the stats for them :

Alona :
STR  4
PER  4
INT   6
AGI  5

Sarah :        Rachel :
STR  3        STR  4 
PER  4        PER  6
END 2        END 3
CHA 3        CHA 2
INT   4        INT   2
AGI  5        AGI  8
LUC 7        LUC 3

The Background of Alona in Fallout 4 :
Maybe in an alternative timeline, Agent Alona and Agent James are married and become wife and husband and they even gave birth to a baby. One day, they are visited by the Vault-Tec representative and were approved to be the candidates into Vault 111 because of what they have done for the US government as agents. And later, there is a nuclear attack and a nuke is donated nearby. But luckily, they are able to enter the Vault 111 in time and the story begins....

And they have just released the Launch Trailer, OMG!!!


  1. finaly a post man ı m looking nearly everyday to see something like this thanks bro!

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  3. Hi man ı ve checked out your game and 'Helen' she is nit very beaitiful as ı see.If she is a character like sarah or green shadow rachel ı mean a character who is the main character and have sex with people.Or it with would be very good if it s like ugly is torturing the beauty you know what ı mean :D anyway thanks for your games! ı love them

  4. How do i donate to get SS1 uncensored?, the link on the side of your blog isn't working for me :p.

  5. Sorry, also if i pledge $20 per month to get SS1 uncensored an updates of SS2, can i cancel the pledge anytime and still keep the rewards?, as i don't think i can afford to do i every month you see. Sorry if this sounds stupid :p.

    1. Thank you for your interest to support! About the rewards, you can keep those files permanently after you have downloaded them. But when you have stopped to pledge, you won't receive the next coming version of the game. And SS1 is a finished game while SS2 is under development. However, the part 1 of SS2 should be done in November.

      If you are interested to support, you can send money to my account : .Thanks.

    2. Thanks for the info, also how long would i take for me to receive said rewards? is there a process? :p

    3. For uncensored SS1, i will send the download info to you immediately once i found your donation.

      For SS2, you will receive the updates within the month. I will always send update immediately if it is released. Thanks.

  6. Hey Combin Ation! I just wanted to drop in and say that Alona's new suit looks awesome! Keep up the great work!

  7. Replies
    1. Go to his Patreon homepage and you can download demo of his new game with agent alona.


      here is a link if you can't find.

  8. A new game? With Alona? Well, hopefully you'll be able to turn the tables in regard of her popularity, seeing as she's the least liked main character so far, according to your poll. Personally I would've hoped for the "runner up", but it's your choice, and I'll buy it anyway...'cause I love your games. Plus, I have a thing for redheads.

    However, I can't stand James. My eyes twitch every time he's on screen, and I'm all like: "NO! Go away!". The only thing he ever does is getting his ugly Bara-ass manraped...Bara, man...I can put up with and like all the other fetishes and content in your games, but that James...please let him get trafficked off into oblivion in the game, catch fire and die, or something else. Just please make him disappear forever.

    1. I am glad you are still willing to support even she isn't your first choice. I hope in the new game, people will get to know more about her and like her better.

      And James is actually the main male character in Alona's story. I am sorry that you didn't like him.... I think he is nice and loyal. But maybe he doesn't look great in the picture i created? I think he has helped to give more story to the game.

      Maybe his appearance that i made in fallout 4 will change your thought? Lol.

    2. Of course I'm eagerly awaiting. It's a Combin Ation game! I liked Alona, but I hope you'll be able to make her even more interesting.

      I didn't like James in the original game because...well, I'm not really sure. Maybe I thought he was too smooth, too polite, too shy, too unprovocative, too friendzoned and totally ok with it...too non-stereotypical, if you catch my drift. Also, I just didn't think he fitted in as his only role was to get buttraped. Maybe I would've liked him better if he was a creepy, corrupt, semi villainous agent with ulterior motives and a bad fascination with Alona...I'm just thinkinking "out loud" here.

      However, your Fallout 4 images of James makes him much more interesting. He looks older and more experienced, like a kind hearted, but strong willed and hard hitting senior agent/mentor. Totally different from the sissy and wussy Bara-James in your game.

    3. I would go as far as to claim this: "Agent Alona - The Japan Investigation" would've been a better game without James, because he killed every scene he was a part of. I'm not sure how you perceive James, but the way you introduced him in the game would've made even dead people hate him. Harsh words, I know, but for my part it's the honest and merciless truth. He didn't fit in anywhere.

    4. It is sad to hear you hate him so much, lol. But it is ok! He will always be a character in Alona's story but he won't has a lot of scene(Actually, he only got three scene in the original game and you already hate him so much!).

      The reason for him to be in the story is there is always needs for a character to embarrass or even humiliate the heroine in my games. In SS1, you got Benjamin, in TGS you got Ben and in AA you got James. But James maybe a different character as he is actually a good guy rather than a perverted one. However, he can still bring embarrassment and humiliation to Alona like the events in game. I am not sure if you just dislike his appearance or actually his whole character. But to me if a heroine is embarrassed by a good guy with no evil thought. I think it is more humiliating than being embarrassed by a pervert guy which his mind is full of evil plans.

      But i think in the coming game, there isn't a scene that planned for him yet. However, he will always be there as an audience in some event to bring humiliation to the heroine. Thanks for your opinion!

    5. Yes, it does sound like I am raging, doesn't it? Lol! :P
      But really, I'm just trying to give a good explanation as to why I didn't like him, but at the same time try to not offend you, because I really like your games. It is...hard.

      I didn't dislike James' appearance, just his very excistence. I didn't feel that he ever made Alona embarrassed or humiliated. He looked at her a couple of times, but he never did or said anything that ever made things difficult for her, and he never really helped her either. He was just an empty shell of a character, with no personality, no recognizable traits of bravery or villainy, or any interesting parts to play storywise.

      Conclusion: The character known as James is not interesting at all.

      There are ways which you can make him interesting, but in the first game he's just a waste of pixels. If you're thinking of making him the same as he was in "Agent Alona - The Japan Investigation" then I, as a fan of your games, would strongly recommend you to either drop him completely, swap him with a new character, or let him die early in the game and let Alona go on a quest to avenge him. Then he would at least bring a little interest to the game.

    6. But enough of my whining. I'm really looking forward to your new Alona game. If I can have just one wish though...can you include more chikan scenes, and make it so that they don't result in a game over? I want Alona to stay on her path, even if she gets degraded and humiliated. It's a little annoying that I had to avoid most of the hot scenes if I wanted to complete the game.

      I never thought much about that kind of fetish before, but now, after your game, I find it pretty hot. I found this comic made by an artist called Jyoka, featuring a mature and strong woman getting groped on a train while trying to protect a child, and somehow the female character and plot reminds me very much about Alona ( - page 23-46). It would be awesome if you'd make something like it, and I think it would suit Alona's personality.

  9. Hey Combin, I hope you are having fun with fallout. I sent you a donation earlier this month (8th) and I was wondering if you received it. Good luck with your game and I hope you are enjoying making your next game.

    1. Actually, i have searched for your donation but can't find it. And as i remember those pp buttons are removed at that time. I would like to know which email did you donated to? You can answer me to my email : . Thanks.

  10. I really have to agree on James just not fitting anywhere and honestly I hate him so much that it really makes it hard to enjoy anything when he is part of anything!

    Like someone else mentioned earlier, I would love to see him get lost for good or simply burned alive impaled on a pole.

    1. You can take a look at my reply above! Thanks.

  11. ı would like to ask you when will you finish ss2? and love your games <3 :)

  12. In the beginning of "Agent Alona - The Japan Investigation" we learned that Alona has a sister. Will she have a part in the new game? Because...well, redhead sisters, man. Redhead sisters! Imagine the naughty possibilities!!!

    And what about her mother? Seeing as Alona is 32 years old in the first game, her mother would at least be in her late forties. I imagine her to be a classy and very posh woman, obsessed with dieting, botox, and keeping up appearances, with more money than common sense, and a raging superiority complex. A woman that Alona loves as her mother, but at the same time has problems with because she doesn't support her mother's views on society.
    A woman that's a perfect candidate for punishing ;)

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. Hmm...maybe some more of Alona's family will be shown in the game.

  13. Hello. As for me, it is not that I dislike James; it is just that I feel he represents us fans who fall in love with a ficticional character, but we have to realize, such thing is unreachable. Alona is unreachable, she is an ideal. And James is too normal. Now, in the game; James feels like a rather young man. In these pictures I see James as an older experienced man who would have no trouble being with someone like Alona. And I have to say I am in love with her.

    1. No, James is there to give humiliation to Alona in his own way just like other male characters! Hehe. It is just he is closer to a good guy and most of other are villains. And James is actually older than Alona. Thanks for your opinion.