Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Share Of Interest In 2017

Guardian Of The Galaxy 2(My most wanted movie in 2017 was Thor 3 originally but GotG2 has replaced it after I have watched its trailer! I am really hyped for it!)
Thor 3(Thor was my favorite superhero in MCU phrase 1 but I like him less now because the plot does make him a less popular compare to iron man, captain america or even to ant man and doctor strange which is sad. And Thor 2 is the worst movie for me in MCU but I hope Thor 3 will be great and give some justice to this character.)
Spider-man : Homecoming(I like spider-man and wolverine the most before all those marvel movies appeared. I do care less about this two characters now although spider-man did a great job in CA3. The trailer doesn't look particularly interesting but I hope Marvel will bring us some surprise but I doubt it will be as good as GotG2 and Thor 3 this year.)
Wonder Woman(Wonder Woman is the best thing in Batman Vs Superman. I don't think the movie is that bad like a lot of people said and I will give it a 7.5 as a marvel fan. However, while I like the casts of the three main superhero, batman and superman in the movie aren't particularly interesting but only Wonder Woman and I am looking forward to her own movie.)
Justice League(I hope it will be better than BvS.)
Logan/Wolverine 3(The first two wolverine movies aren't good films. I hope this last one will be better as I really like Hugo Jackman as wolverine.)
Transformers 5(To be honest, I think only the first transformer is great movie but I did see all 1-4 in cinema. I believe this fifth one will be around the same quality with average story but good CGI.)
Resident Evil : Vendetta(This isn't the live action one but the CG one, hehe. I never liked the live action because of the over power character Alice. I like resident evil movies that continue the game story and if I am not wrong, it is the third RE CG movies.)
Star Wars VIII(I have watched Rogue One I found it is only slightly better than Episode 7 for my taste. However, it is a really a great addition to Star Wars story. But come to think of it, I have never liked any Star Wars movie particularly but the whole Star Wars universe. And I will definitely see Episode 8.)

Until Dawn(a brought down from 2015 and I still need a PS4...)
Conan Exiles(it is the game that I am looking forward the most currently. and it looks like it is the sandbox game that suit my taste and I hope it will be more completed than other early beta sandbox games.)
Heroes Of The Storm-Valeera(Hots is what I play mostly while taking a short break from creating games currently. And I liked this character for a while since watched the WoW comics. I really like elf with blonde and ponytail hair, lol!)
Resident Evil 7(I liked the story of the resident evil series but not a true fan of the game. The RE games I really like are RE2 and RE4 which I am obviously a Leon fan, lol. Still need to read more review on this new gameplay before I decide to play it or not.)
Red Dead Redemption 2(Its a Rockstar sandbox game which is a must to play! I hope you can create your own character like in GTA5.)
Nier(It looks like a great action game with unique story and I haven't played a true action game for a while!)

Shingeki no Bahamut : Virgin Soul(Amazing anime! There wasn't an epic anime like this for a while! It gives some feelings of the video game Diablo. If you like fantasy style, you will probably like this anime!!)
Star Wars Rebels Season 3(Most episodes in season 1 and 2 aren't particularly interesting but a bit boring. However, they have successfully develop those characters and Season 3 seems becoming a unique story of Star Wars!)
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Season 2(The first season is great and will follow the second season!)

Ningyou no Kuni
Tokyo Ghoul


  1. mentioning animes you should watch Ajin ,my best one of 2016

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I actually knew about this anime and I think the manga version is better! Thanks.