Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Character Poll

Who is your favorite character so far? 

I would like to create poll for the characters for a long time! But i have to release my latest game Agent Alona first so there will be at least 3 characters for the poll. I would like to know who is the more popular character so far after you have played their games. I hope you will vote for the character you like most based on her appearance, personality and story....etc!

Here is some of the information on them :

Alona : This is the first character i created among the three characters. Some of you may think she is similar to Black Widow from Avengers but she is actually inspired by the female heroine 'Scarlett' in the first G.i.joe movie. The hair style is almost the same! She is also the first character that i wanted to make into an adult rpg game and tried. But later i have given up because the quality isn't good enough a few years ago. However, i have finally finished it recently and it has become my latest game!

Rachel : After releasing SS1 and was working on SS2, i was a bit tired of Sarah and decide to work on something else. The character is inspired by 'Jade' and 'Kitana' from Mortal Kombat 9. It is more like a combination of Jade's outfit and color and the appearance of princess Kitana! And i actually find she looks quite similar to Akali in League of Legends when i have finished the design for her, lol! At first, i was thinking about a battle/arena tournament game but later found it is quite difficult to make it interesting if it is only about fighting and decide to create a superheroine story instead!

Sarah : I have created this character accidently when i was playing around with my 3d stuffs and find she seems to have quite a lot of potential/utility! I think she is a character that can be appear in many situations. Like she can be an innocent survivor in a zombie world, a princess or a knight in a kingdom, a space ranger.....etc. She makes me want to give creating adult rpg game another try and it turns out to be my first game Survivor Sarah!

(And i have my favorite character too among the 3 characters and voted for her, haha! But i will reveal it later as i don't want to affect your decision!)

One day ago, i thought Rachel is going to be the more popular character among the three because she has like 15% more vote than Sarah and like 30% more than Alona. But it seems the vote for Sarah was suddenly boosted and she is now having around the same vote as Rachel(Did someone spam for Sarah??). I believe i have to give it some more time to see who is the more popular character now, lol! Thank you for everyone who has voted for the poll!

Thank you for all the voting! It seems the poll has ended for a while, i am sorry for the late response. My vote has actually gone to Alona as i prefer proud, confident and mature woman for a hentai game heroine! Also, i have created this character and rendered the pictures for her for a few years before other characters. Hmm.... i think i have some special feelings for this character, lol! But i know it will be either Sarah or Rachel that get more votes as Alona's game is released not for long and so far is a less likable character. I believe she is a more complex character that will take more time for people to actually like her. And more importantly, her appearance isn't as good as the other two to be honest. So, i have decided to create a new appearance for her and it is actually done! If she appeared in anymore game again in the future, she would have a new face and i hope you will like her better! Thanks.


  1. Honestly whatever result comes of this I just hope that doesn't mean less of the other girls cause I love all of them.

    1. Don't worry, it is not a poll to decide which game to make! The story is planned so even a less popular character will have her roll in the future games!

  2. I like Alona too for the same reasons as you!

  3. Hey, how are you doing combin? Did you finished part 2? Can we have some preview pics?

  4. In each of these games (Survivor sarah, GreenShadow Rachel, Agent Alona) has its interesting features.

    Survivor Sarah:
    1) game similar to the quest. Character finds objects and find the places where they should apply or someone to bring. It makes people brains.
    2) Sarah is the most pretty girl as shown by the results of the vote. Sarah was not a superhero or super-agent. She was an ordinary girl, who was forced to change their lifestyle or die. The reality of the story attracts people no worse than fantastic.

    GreenShadow Rachel:
    1) In this game more realistic enemies. Zombie and aliens are more of science fiction, and the bad guys and the policemens found in every city.
    2) Every day Character goes to work, shopping and rests. But every day new events take place with her.

    Agent Alona:
    1) In this game the most realistic humiliating situations. Most of the players see themselves in the role of the main character. So more realistic game brings greater sexy effect (Photo casting, drawing model).
    For example, Alona comes to the nurse, and she makes new procedures (rectal temperature, enema, urine and fecal analyzes, suppository, injection shots, vaginal & anal exam, pulse, sthetoscope).
    Also, not necessary to reinvent sophisticated methods of punishment. Excitement and shame you can cause a variety of positions (lying on a bench, sitting/standing on a chair, standing/standing on table) and objects of spank(caning, belt, two belts simultaneously, whipping, padding, birching).

    If you take each of these qualities of the game, I think you can create the most exciting, interesting erotic game.

    good luck!