Saturday, December 26, 2015

Agent Alona - Missions Demo

Newest demo available on my Patreon page!

'Agent Alona - Missions' is my newest game and its newest demo is available. You can download it on my Patreon page :

Brief Introduction :
1. First of all, the game will be developed on parallel with Survivor Sarah2. SS2 will receive major updates like before while AAM will receive minor updates. But at least one event or even one mission will be added in each month.
2. The game is largely inspired by the games 'Metal Gear Solid 5' which i recently played and 'Hitman'. If you have tried the demo, you will find i am following the format of those games.
3. The game will be formed by short missions. But each of the them can be expanded into a larger one with more updates and events added and can eventually turn into a large story in each mission.
4. I think the theme 'Agent' can tell a lot of adult stories and scenes. However, in my previous Agent Alona game, it is limited by the story that they have to be related and tied together to form a complete story. However, if it is in the form of missions, more situations can be easily created.
5. And beside short missions, there will be much more especially in the base.
6. Some other characteristics of the game :
a. There will be at least 2 methods/routes to complete each mission. Alona can either fight her whole way(if she is strong enough) or look for another way that involve less fighting or even talk her way out.
b. While Alona is an elite agent at the beginning. She is still weak with no upgrade and support which the player can buy the access to weapons and other equipments to progress her in different ways.
c. Missions can be replay without starting a new game. So, player can try to complete them in different ways with a few trys. I also think it adds the immersive when replaying a scene than in the CG Room.
d. When you are in the mission, you cannot save the unless you have quit the mission. I think it adds immersive too.
e. The game won't end when Alona is defeated or failed her mission. She can restart the mission afterwards.
f. When completed a mission, Alona will receive more 'Budget' so she can spend it to upgrade. And a new variable 'Performance' is added. It will be increased when Alona has completed a mission successfully but decreased if she has failed a mission. It will affect the views on her especially in the base and possibly lead to other consequences.
7. Also, i am thinking about making the game something close to open source that when more resources like outfits, pictures....etc are created. People who are interested can create their own mission for Alona.

It seems to be pretty long for a brief introduction... I am sorry about that but thanks for reading!


  1. A new project just before the game release :).I think as you said this game seems like it will be a game which will take updates in every month.And as ı understand there will be a clothing option(ı realy want you to add stockings with boots & without boots it my dream since survivor sarah 1)where you can change them whenever you want in the game.It seems realy good for me.

  2. Rather short demo, but it was a bit interesting. I like Alona's new design. Her looks are more feminine, and a whole lot less stiff compared to "The Japan Investigation", but she still looks strong and confident.

    I'm very sceptic about your open source vision, and how it will affect the story itself. Does that mean that AAM will be more of a public project with no true ending, than a real game? If you have to tell the story in a way which makes it seem natural for Alona to do or say something which you yourself haven't decided yet, how is it possible for that to ever seem natural? I think maybe it's best to drop this idea completely.

    The Budget part is interesting, and I like how Alona's Performance will affect her social standing at the base, but I hope you plan to make the game's world a bit bigger than just missions and a base, as I think that'll quickly seem very small to the players. It's cool that you're inspired by MGS5, but that game has a big advantage that you don't have: "open world"-like space, while you're stuck with the limits of RPG Maker.

    Also, as mentioned in an older post, I'd really like it if you somehow managed to include Alona's mother and sister in the story. I think those characters would bring a whole lot of potential and different possibilities to the game if the whole "mission, sleep, mission, sleep, mission, sleep" part gets a bit anticlimatic in the long run.

  3. Is there a way to finish the 1st mission without trying it 100 times until you get lucky and pass everybody without a fight?

    1. Actually, you aren't suppose to fight all the guards right now. There are other way if you searched the area. Thanks.

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  6. The special ending of "Agent Alona ~The Japan Investigation~" has shown that it is set in the same world as "Survivor Sarah". Is the game "Masked Superheroine: The Green Shadow Rachel" set in this world, too? And is it possible that you will make something like a secret event in "Agent Alona - Missions" or "Survivor Sarah 2 ~The Cruel World~" where it is possible that Alona, Sarah and Rachel meet?

    Also it would be great if you can put unlockable bonus stuff in your games that players can get when they complete the game. Like in "Biohazard/Resident Evil" series, bonus costumes or rooms or items.

    1. All 3 games are in the same universe! If you look at the shipping record at the drug factory at the beginning of Agent Alona closely. You will know it is connected to The Green Shadow Rachel as well.

      While SS1 is inspired by resident evil, i don't think it is a good idea to hide bonus stuff. I mean if they are in the game, i don't want it to be too difficult for player to get them. It is a hentai game and i personally hope player can finish or trigger most of the things in game with ease. But thanks for the suggestion!

  7. My sugestion, if you like you can add schoolgirl costume or sexy stuff

    1. Not sure quite a lot of you want to see Alona wearing schoolgirl outfit, lol. I was suggested several times even when i was developing Agent Alona ~The Japan Investigation~. Hmm...i will think about it this time...Maybe infiltrate a school as a student instead of teacher?...But don't you think she is a little too old for that? Lol. But it may create even more embarrassment! Haha.

  8. What About a game where alona must infiltrate a woman prison?

    1. There is already a female prison event in AA ~The Japan Investigation~. And i think if she needs to infiltrate a prison, a male one is more humiliating, hehe. Thanks.