Sunday, January 10, 2016

Paypal Is Limited

Some of you may notice i have removed those 'donate' and 'buy now' buttons a while ago which was asked by them. And like a few weeks ago, i was still trying to receive donation through paypal and have people sent money to me. But my accounts are still limited again for the second time and it is actually permanent. So, i believe i can no longer receive payment through paypal anymore. I am sorry about that and thanks for all previous donations.

But actually, i have seen some site that are using paypal to sell similar adult digital content and they are still there. But it is possible that some of the theme of my games are violated their terms that they have limited my accounts.

So, i believe my games will be only available on Patreon and DLSite for now. I just hope it can remain stable for a while so i can focus on creating the games now. Thanks.


  1. Adult content isn't allowed by paypal which is more or less demanded by their CC partnerships (i.e. uptight americans :P)

    Others work around this by not linking it directly on their adult blogs but somewhere else or only per e-mail (like placing mailto link/text with "contact me for donations" etc..)
    But once banned its pretty much permanent, could try creating a new account with different info or maybe bitcoin but using that is probably not gonna give you much dontations.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion but i don't believe i want to try it again. I think my site is being watched by them, lol. I just hope thing can go stable and less risky now.