Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Kickstarter Figure Project By Dream Concept Studio

#A clarification that, this 4" figure project isn't created by me but some others(Dream Concept Studio)#

Dream Concept Studio facebook :

Dream Concept Studio website :

Why post here:

First of all, I would like to let everyone know that, beside liking movies and anime, I am also a figure collector too! And I have been collecting figures, like Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Marvel Legends, S.H. Figuarts, Figma...too many, lol. This would probably be the first figure project I am going to back because I am interested in some of the figures in it. Beside those terrifying zombies, the female figures in the picture above actually reminded me of Sarah and Anne and I am interested in getting those for my collection and inspiration, hehe(despite in their concept arts, they seems to have different hair color 'black and brown' but I hope they will create variants of different hair colors of those head sculpts).

Moreover, those figures in this project are compatible(like changing parts and bodies) with another famous kickstarter figure project by 'Boss Fight Studio'. Their kickstarter is successful and has released their first series of Greek themed figure line that consist of like 7 waves not long ago. However, I am actually more interested in their second series which is fantasy themed that include figures like human knight, orc warrior, elf archer and even dark elf! You can take a look at the sites below as they have just shown the wave 2 figures of their fantasy series which I found to be very appealing:

Boss Fight Studio facebook:

Boss Fight Studio Shop :

Those 4" figures above are super articulated and have great playability! They even release different colors of blank bodies which I considered those nude bodies:

Like in the above photo, the zombies themed figure kickstarter by 'Dream Concept Studio' will start on 20 July 2017. If you are a figure collector too and interested in those, maybe you can support this project!(A reminder that those are 4" figures)

And something about my game that everything start from this figure:

Agent Alona is actually the first character I have created despite it was not the first game released. And quite a lot of people think the creation of her is inspired from Marvel's Black Widow but thats not the true. Instead, it is from the figure above which is the character 'Scarlett' from the first G.I.Joe movie 'Rise Of Cobra'. Actually, I have only watched the G.I.Joe movie and become a fan only after I bought this figure, lol(Despite the movie isn't very popular, I really like those sc-fi settings and visual effect in it. Although the sequel didn't follow this aspect and is a let down to me.). Beside both characters being an agent in military, the biggest similarities are the hair style and hair color that I have used almost the same one for Alona and I found they are the iconic features for her.

My concept of erotic figures and sets:

Actually, I would like to create my own figures too but I still lack the knowledge right now. But I have heard with those 3D printers, it is possible to create your own small project. And of course, I would like to create them with erotic playability which I think the figure market is still lack of them right now! Here is my thought for a 4"figures series:

1. Create figures like Alona, Sarah and Rachel in their most iconic outfits(agent suit, superhero outfit). Would be great if some parts are stripable.
2. Create a nude body for erotic play. The body will have genitals like vagina and asshole so it can be inserted with sexual props below.
3. Create sexual and bondage props like penis, dildos, cuffs, collar, bondage devices...etc.
4. Create monster creatures like zombies, tentacle creature, villains...etc, for monster play.
5. For some extreme play, we can also create some piss effect and scats too!(Although not many people would like those, lol.)

I know I am crazy. But I think figure can also be a format for hentai, lol! There are quite a lot of erotic figure statues by japanese. However, there really isn't a series of figures that can be playable like I menioned above as far as I know. I really hope I can try to create those one day or someone else may work on the similar thing!

I know this blog is suppose to be about hentai RPG games mainly but I would like share my interest in different aspects that can be hentai related too! You know, my games are inspired by all those.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I for one love the pee elements of your games as it is one of my own favourite kinks. I'm not into scat, though, but you still make it a suiting aspect of your games, adding quite a bit of depravity. Keep it up and don't let the haters tell you otherwise! ;D