Monday, February 5, 2018

A Share Of Interest In 2018

Darling in the FranXX (Haven't watched any anime for months(and maybe mecha anime for years) but interested in it because of the character design. It turns out it is a really great one(or at least a great start) after watching the first 4 episodes. The anime is a rather fast pace and very refreshing one for a mecha anime and also very emotional. The setting and the meaning behind seems deep but you can enjoy it easily because the story is just great! Not sure where it will lead to but will definitely follow this anime.)

Black Panther (Didn't know BP until Captain America 3 and found he is badass in it. Liked the character and the cast since then. The second trailer has totally convinced me to watch it!)
Tomb Raider (Have been a fans of of the Tomb Raider game series for quite while. However, I don't like the two previous TR movies portrayed Angelina Jolie because of the movie style and even the actress for the reason of 'trying too hard to be cool'. I personally don't like action movies especially a shooting one that the main character doesn't even break a sweat and like invincible because it is too unrealistic. Liked the new actress for Lara Croft since Ex Machine and I find she can suit the role of the reboot Tomb Raider's Lara. Will watch it if the ratings aren't too bad.)
Alita: Battle Angel/Gunnm (This is a life changing manga and its movie is finally going to release this year. The movie right was actually bought by James Cameron more than ten years ago but he has given up directing it because of Avatar which is really sad(although he should still be involved). The trailer was out last year and I think it seems to be able to capture the spirit of the original manga. However, the 'big eyes' problem has turned me a little down but still watch it because its my favorite manga. Really suggest people to watch the original Gunnm Vol 1-9.)
Avengers 3 (As a Marvel's fan, you really can't not going to watch it and I hope they have brought enough surprises like usual!)
Ant-Man and the Wasp (Looking at the first Ant-Man movie, I think it tells why Marvel's superhero movies are still growing because of the creativity. I know all the marvel films are commercial popcorn movies but I don't think they can have the result today without enough creativity. Actually, after seeing all marvel film trailers in 2018, I am most looking forward to this one because I really don't know what the story will lead to and it is one big reason to keep me interested in it more.)
Aquaman (Despite the rating for Justice League wasn't good last year. I actually liked and enjoyed it more than Wonder Woman because I want a superhero film more than a romantic one. I think it could have been much better as you have seen more scenes in the trailer but they decided not to put those in for the movie length reason(?). And I truly hope DC hasn't given up the movie universe yet and will build it up with each character's movie without rushing it.)

Would actually like to talk about Rotten Tomatoes after observing it for like 2 years but I guess Star Wars The Last Jedi has blown it all out. Despite I am a Marvel fans, I think the critics are on Disney side. Because even I think Batman V Superman and Justice League have some problems, the RT scores of 27% and 40% just aren't reasonable. And I think Wonder Woman has scored high at 92% because for the feminist reason but I just find this movie isn't that great for the movie itself although I do like her character much more after watching it. I actually think the rating on Imdb is much more accurate now with a little adjustment of my own. Also, I do personally think RT is killing movies with smaller audiences which aren't good for the movie industry.

Attack On Titan (I think this manga is too well known that if you watch manga or anime you should know about it. The quality of the story and the settings are best of the best out there!)
Tokyo Ghoul (A bit disappointed for the direction it is heading for the latest episodes and I think this manga is going to end soon or at least for this chapter. However, I will still watch it until the end.)

Until Dawn
Monster Hunter World
Soul Calibur 6
(Actually, I still don't have a PS4 to play the games above... Its not I couldn't buy one immediately but I just don't have the time. However, if I can meet my development schedule this year, I may think about getting one.)
Red Dead Redemption 2

My Favorite Movie Last Year/2017:
Coco (It would originally be Spider-man : Homecoming because of the creativity, efforts and surprised they put in but I have changed my mind after watching Coco. Didn't plan to watch it in the cinema but it turns out it has become my favorite of all the 3D animations out there and even above Toy Story. I would give it a 10/10 for this type of 3D animation movies!)

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