Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Decision

First of all, here is a brief report on the change of Patreon. With the increased reward requirement, i believe there are over fourty patrons are gone. It is understandable as $20 a month really isn't cheap after all. However, with some friends that helped on promoting the game on some sites, i have gained some new patrons. So, the overall monthly donation that i receive has increased slightly.

Honestly, i actually hoped the number would be either dropped greatly or meeting $2000 as it is my target so i would know clearly which path i should take. However, it seems everything has made it more like an even. So, for now, i will stick to my original plan to work for the 6 months that i have planned a test to work full time. 3 months have passed and there are 3 more to go. By the time, i should be able to finish the first part of SS2 and see if i can come up to a decision on this matter.

I am really impressed for some people is still willing to support for $20 a month. I think it has given me some motivation to continue. However, i understand it is not right to over burden to the people who is still willing to support. So, two more new options are added on Patreon :

Two New Options On Patreon :
$15 or above to receive Updates of Survivor Sarah 2
$20 or above to receive Updates of Survivor Sarah 2 and The Concept Art Gallery

So, if you have received the uncensored of SS1, you can choose to donate less and still receive the update of SS2. I hope it can create a balance on the overall requirement change. And somebody have pointed out that i may have misplace people's trust, if i switch the price during the development and i agree with that. So, i can promise this change will be the final until the development of SS2 is finished.

And there is still quite a lot of patrons still donated $10 or $15 in the last month that i am not sure whether they will continue to support and decide to give them more time. However, i cannot send them the update because the minimum donation to receive updates have shifted to $20 in September although it will be lowered to $15 in October. It is understandable some people may not know the sudden change of scheme. For this reason, i will offer refund to the people who have donated $10 or $15 and think they can still receive the update but will not. However, if they still want to receive the update for September, they can donate $5 to $10(to make their total donation to $20) more through the 'donate' button on my blog. I hope it sounds fair. But as i have already transfered the donation from Patreon to my account this month(I actually have made this decision before i did that but i transfered the donation as usual and cannot recall about it at that time....). Some of the refund can only be done in October and i am sorry for the inconvenience.

One another big change is the number of updates of each month will be reduced from 3 to 1 or 2. Originally, i think releasing an update every 10 days shouldn't be a problem and was a good practice to repay the donation from patrons. However, i found it is truly not good to the whole development. It is more like i have to worry about next update immediately after just releasing a new one. The stress is huge because of the schedule and all i want to do at that time is to finish the next update but actually 'disconnected' myself with the game. During the time, i found i cannot think of or create any new content because i just cannot enjoy the development like i did before. I believe the game will be better if those stress is gone or reduced. Also, i am not sure if people feel the recent updates in the past two months aren't good especially on the dialogues. I believe the more frequent i release an update, the quality will actually be worse because it is not like i got a team to help but done everything myself. I am now taking account on this whole issue as i am truly not happy with it.

I have recently checked my friend's patreon page and he is able to receive the donation which is almost a double of mine each month now. I have tried hard, however it seems the efforts just won't pay up to at least my target. I believe i have changed and can no longer become how i original feel on creating hentai games now. But i will see how it turns out in this few months.

Lastly, the newest Taimanin hentai game 'Taimanin Kurenai' that is going to be released in the end of this month looks really great! I don't really like the main heroine at first. But after looking at the previews, i know it is totally my type of game, haha! It is highly suggested to take a look!


  1. much better now that i am thinking of giving you 15 since i was giving you 10 before. So 15 dollars isn't that much a jump but there is one problem since you might decide in 3 months that you are not going to finish the game. I feel like not giving you the money because reading this sounds like pretty much you are quitting in 3 months so why waste the money. I think you really need to make a decision now and stick with it because this post sounds like 3 months and i am done but that's me so i got to think about it little more before i throw my money your way. People might think different but I am leaning towards giving you the money if you can just make a decision now be much easier.

    1. Part 1 of SS2 should be finished by the time. And for this part alone, there will be already over 70 events added and it is also a complete story to see whether Sarah and Anne will unite again and continue their adventure. For the amount of events, i believe it is more than enough for 1 game. Although there are still part 2 and part 3 planned.

      I am frustrated for the efforts and size that i want to put inside the game, it seems i am unable to get that amount of support and is one thing i am not sure whether i should continue or not.

      I don't like to make promise that i cannot hold. I can promise the reward requirement won't change again until SS2 is completed. But at the moment, i cannot promise you SS2 will happen like everything i originally planned. All i can say the part 1 will be done in this few months. You can decide whether to donate or not and it is totally up to you. Thanks.

  2. 1.) Will it be possible to meet Alona and Rachel in Survivor Sarah 2? Or did they not survive the zombie outbreak?

    2.) Will there be a route or ending to have Anne as a love interest for Sarah?

    3.) Have you heard of the game "Officer Chloe"? You should play the demo. I think you will like it.

  3. First thing first. This post turned out to be a bit of a rant. Sorry about that. It turned out that I had a bit on my heart.

    You know, I DO like your games, especially "Masked Superheroine : The Green Shadow Rachel", even though I found it a bit short at the end. Oh, how I wish you'd done a bit more with it. Especially the "I'm gonna rape you...oh, wait, look at the time...raincheck?"-thugs. Loved the heroine, loved the mischief that would target her. Not so much a fan of the multiple "bad ends". I, for one, would've liked it better if at least some of them didn't result in game over, but instead affected the gameplay. For instance, the "defeated, unmasked and humiliated by bandits in the street"-ending. Personally, I would've preferred if that scene resulted in corrupting Rachel further in some way (maybe blackmail), instead of a decisive end. Great game, but a bit too many dead ends and loose threads.

    I liked the length of "Agent Alona". Obviously you put a lot of work into it. Kudos, man. Though the 3D pics seemed a bit stiff and awkward.

    Really looking forward to Survivor Sarah 2. Not too much to say about that yet. I'll definitely buy the uncensored version from your blog when you release it.

    However, I'm getting a bit annoyed of the "my friend earns more than me. Boo hoo, woe is me"-comments. Frankly iy's a bit tiresome. You shouldn't thinktoo much of it. Likely your friend has chosen "the easy way" (few or no fetishes, and oversexed main characters), while you have your own style and sticking to it. I like that. Maybe you won't reach the same patreon level as your friend's, but that shouldn't be your main concern. Just focus on making good games, one at a time. No one can ask for anything more from you. I'm happy that I discovered your games, and I've enjoyed all three of them. I'm not much of a "pep talker", but I think you shouldn't get depressed and quit making games just because there exists people with more fans and who earns more than you.

    As a last comment, I really, really hope that you'll find it in you to complete "Survivor Sarah 2". My biggest hope, however, is that you'll eventually find the strength and dedication to make "Masked Superheroine 2". I would've literally thrown my money at my screen for that one. Just saying.

    Keep rocking.

  4. I have a question. If by the end of SS2 part1 you decide to give up on doing hentai games, how will we be able to get SS2 part1, SS1 (uncensored) and AA (uncensored)? Will you give them away for free? Because if you give up, you're going to delete your patreon, right? If you do that the only ones with the games are the old patrons and no one else will be able to play the games.

    1. Also, why should new people consider becoming patreons and pledge their money to your cause if they fear that you're going to quit, despite their wishes? You're not exactly being very reassuring, and in the process you're hurting your own brand.

    2. Combin? Are you there?

  5. Replies
    1. The next update will be available in this few days before the end of this month. I am sorry for the wait!

  6. And FYI, i would like to stay away from my blog for a month or two to focus on working on the games. It is actually frustrating if i still stay on thinking about this issue. I think i should spend more time on creating the game for the moment. I am sorry about that. But i can still be contacted through email or message on patreon. Thanks.