Monday, August 10, 2015

Changes On Patreon, The Reason And Consequence

Hello everyone,

Here I would like to announce I am making changes to my Patreon page and they are as below :

Changes on Patreon
$1 or above to view the information of update(that means you must become a patron to see the info)
$5 or above to view the concept art gallery(unchanged)
$20 or above to receive Uncensored Survivor Sarah 1 and Updates of Survivor Sarah 2
$25 or above to receive all of the rewards above!

Reason for the change
The reason for this change is based on the fact that the amount of patrons that I can receive is really limited because some of the themes of my games are not welcomed by the majority like scat or shota. You can view my previous post 'Should I just give up?' and its comments and that should explain why I feel this way and made the changes.

Something good but it will never happen
The changes is truly basically a price increase in order to receive larger amount of monthly support which honestly is not my original intention. In previous months when the number of patrons is still increasing, I have actually thought about releasing the updates or even the game for free on the internet if it is able to meet certain amount. By doing this, I believe I can publized the game and receive more support in the long run and lastly, it can share burden of current patrons. Think about if I can get 400 patrons and each of them only need to donate $5 and I would already receive $2000 for a month! And if luckily I can get over 1000 patrons, they would just need to donate $2 to help each month. The number maybe a bit unpractical but it is the direction that I originally hoped. However, because of the predicted and limited amount of patrons, it will just never happen.

Making the game exclusive
I am now thinking the opposite way that I will only create game for the people who can enjoy the game completely or can actually ignore the things they don't really like in it. If it can meet certain amount of monthly donation, I am hoping to make the game exclusive to my patrons on patreon and the game won't be available on DLsite or even on my blog. I believe by doing so, it can discriminate the people who don't actually enjoy my games from playing it so I can stop being complained or blamed for adding scenes like scat or shota that are not appreciated by most people, lol! The other reason to make my game exclusive on patreon, is famous site like DLsite can take half of the game price for its commission which is really deep from my point of view. For a game that take 1 year to develop with a price of $13, will require like over 3000 downloads to make it only $1600 a month while my games have already a hard time just to receive 1000 downloads so that amount of download is impossible to archieve. However, despite trying to make it exclusive, I will still try to promote my games and seek more support but I hope only people who can actually like my games will become patrons and I believe the higher requirement will enable me to find the right patron. I believe it is beneficial to both side. Also, if the game has truly become exclusive on patreon, I will also add a lifetime donation requirement for patrons to receive the final game. So, newcomer won't receive the finished game by just donating $20 but only loyal patrons can receive the completed game and I believe it will reduce the chance for the game to be shared easily to make it truly exclusive. But of course, the requirement will be reasonable and I believe it will depends on the development time.

The consequence
I know $20 isn't cheap and I think not all the current patrons can accept or afford the changes and I am not forcing people to continue to support me. But I think it is time for me to realize if my games have enough support and whether I should continue. From SS1 to TGS, from TGS to AA and from AA up to now, there wasn't a time that I can stop worrying about trying to receive enough support for the development. I believe I am not too greedy that hoping to receive $2000 for a month to continue to create games after over 2 years of work as a new start. If I am unable to reach my target, I think it is the right timing to wake up from my dream and give up. Although I believe there are people who works over 10 years in the same field but still receive around the same salary because of their interest, I think it is wiser to make a change.

Some of my background
While I would like my personal thing remain hidden as I don't want any of these to affect people's view on my games, I would like to tell you some of my background that explain why I have to increase the price or I would just give up if it doesn't work. I was born and live in a developed place, the cost of living is really high here especially the housing. It is a place that has one of the most expensive housing price in the world! And more importantly..... I still don't own one and that means I have to paid the extremely high rent each month. Luckily, I still got my parents but I do hope there will be a future for my life. And I can tell you $2000 is around the average income in my place and I think it is around the same as world's average income. However, because of the housing price, receiving $2000 monthly is still COMPLETELY hopeless to own a house or even having a family in the future because you have to paid 40% or above of your income to pay the rent alone. Or even you don't have to pay for the rent, you will have to save up for 30 years just to buy a small house... You are actually doomed in this place if you are poor and can only hope the thing will become better in the future but it is quite unlikely.... Even so, I do still hope to receive $2000 a month after over 2 years of trying and hope it can increase slowly by the time goes on and saves up some money to make some investment for the living.(Maybe some of you already know where I come from but I would still want it to remain unknown, lol!)

But to all patrons, it is truly ok if you don't want to support anymore as it maybe the right time for me to give up creating games and try something else. It is true that I cannot afford to wait one or two more years for the possibility to reach my monthly goal. However, it would be really great if you don't mind to support more during the time to help me. All I can promise is if thing can continue, I will surely lower the reward's requirement again and I actually plan to make another rewards with lower price if I can by pass the next month. But after all, I think I am prepared for whether to continue or not after all those time, I will let you all decide and gladly accept the fate.

Thanks for the long read!

(I will still try my best to finish Sarah's side in part 1 and release updates as I have already received the donations for this month. And for the next month, if I decided to stop, I will refund the donation for September or even remove all patrons before they are being processed. Thanks.)


  1. I like your games Combin, but pay 20$ per mouth for an update, it's too much for me :(
    And i don't understand why you do boost the price so much, because you had already more than 1,700$ per mouth, and i'am sure that after the realese of SS2, you would receive more that 2,000 bucks per mouth. Maybe you should just wait a little bit. But again, it's my opinion, it's your games, do what you want, Hope you made a right choice! Good Luck! :)

    1. Maybe beside to receive $2000 support a month, i am also seeking an answer whether to continue or not, lol.

  2. I love your games, you should promote them on different forum like ulmf, hongfire etc. If not already. Saw one, that just started to work on a rpg with 3d models and he got already, after a month 2500+ (Officer Chloe).

    1. Officer Chloe do have a wider audience then Combine Ations games have due to the scat in them. But yea more promotion on diferent forums could help.

  3. I think the price jump is pretty high. I would not mind paying it buy honestly you might actually lose more customers than gain more. Maybe instead of 20 per month try *15?
    And try to advertise your game. Like what Insta said officer chole game is already making 2500 a month.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Also you could change your payment method. Don't give every patreon monthly updates but divide it like what Officer Chole did.
      Lets say put 10 for month to get updates every 0.25 version. (Update once every 3 months)
      For 15 for month to get updates every 0.15 version. (Update once every 2 months)
      For 20 for month to get updates every 0.10 version. (Update once every month)
      Just an idea.

  4. What I think you should have done was release one of your older games for free on the internet if not 2 of them to show people your work it would have most likely got you over 2000. With that i had to pull my pledge 20 dollars is just a little high I would mind paying but I don't like to be force. I know that was not what you wanted but if i give you anything under 20 i don't get the game so Pretty much is forcing us to pay 20 bucks. Good luck love your work and if I see it release i will prob buy the game.

  5. I need to connect the words of the other me, unfortunately. $ 20 are simply too much. I like your games really - have a lot of fun - but here we are talking about a sum per month is just too hard for me. I wish you the best for your project and for the future, but for the prices I must fit unfortunately :(

    I would think it's great if you bring out an uncut version for Green Shadow - in other words which is not censored. that was so with my favorite game.

    should the prices go down, I'm happy again to support you :)

  6. In my opinion, 20$ is too much, not everyone can afford that. And making the game exclusive to patrons that have donated during a long period of time isn't a good idea either, cause if a newcomer only pays 1 month (20$) he's literally throwing that money away, cause they dont get anything back. And 2000$ for income? wow, that's really expensive, is that the cheapest place you could find? cause if that is the cheapest, i can't imagine how much it is for a expensive place xD, maybe moving to a different city would help, just an idea. Anyway, the best of luck to you, i hope you find a way to keep making these games that you love and maybe one day i can afford to support you again.

    1. I agree, 20$ is alot for monthly updates. With a cost that high you would expect major updates, almost full games, every month. Which isn´t possible, if you want quality.

  7. Wanted to look at the demo, but got a 'file not found' on the google drive site??

    1. I have checked the link and it works fine. Are you downloading from my Patreon page? Can you try again?

    2. Thanks, yeah that worked. It was the direct links from the Forum posts (ryona and hongfire) that didn't work.

  8. Thank you for all the advices but i am afraid it is my final decision or approach to give it a last try to get enough support. The donation requirement was $10 for several months and i believe it can be considered as cheap as it actually includes the complete game of SS1 beside the updates of SS2(every updates). However, the amount of support is still not enough and limited. So, increasing the price and see if there can be enough support for the development is my last shot. If it doesn't work, i think it is the time as i have already spent quite some time on this adult rpg game industry. Thanks.

  9. can you the green shadow rachel as uncensored version offer for sale? I think there are many who would be interested

    1. I am hoping to give the same treatment that i did to SS1 which the uncensored TGS will be available along with its additional content when i work on the second superheroine game. But only if i will continue for it to happen, lol.

  10. Love the quality of your games but 20 bucks a month is asking too much and will probably scare away any current patreons leaving you even further away of that 2000 milestone.
    With the current rate of updates that would mean spending at least 120 and that's when the game is fully finished.
    I know you put a lot of effort into this games but when you ask for that people are gonna expect more frequent releases and more content like the other rpg patreon projects which ask less and do larger monthly expansions while with a team of people to divide the load.

    1. I am not sure about other creator's game on patreon. But in the past few months, i am creating around 15 events per month which i think is quite a lot when i compare to some games on dlsite which has only around 20~40 events for full. I like creating events and i don't mind adding more of it. The finished SS2 will definitely has more than 100 events which i think it is not less for adult rpg games.

      Also, i am now releasing 3 updates each month despite i am still trying to create other materials. It is like i am releasing 1 update every ten days. I think it is for the best to complete certain amount of content before releasing it. I maybe able to release update more frequently or adding more in each update when i have finished most of the event pictures. But currently i am working at my maximum speed. If you think it isn't good enough, it is true that i cannot do better.

      I would surely want to hire people to help me. But as you can see i am not even receiving enough support for my own, i don't believe i can do that to speed up the development, lol.

      The increased requirement is to help to get more support but not improving the rewards. It is for the people who is willing to help more to complete the game. Personally, i don't know the idea of giving a supporter more frequent update because he donates more or the opposite. I would like to treat everyone the same and send them the same update once they have donated enough no matter it is previous $10 or current $20.

      It is ok if it can't meet my goal in either way. I have to admit my games don't have enough support to continue the development.

    2. The rate of content is definitely a lot better than with the earlier games, do hope you continue making them but I understand if you don't as it has be profitable and also enjoyable to produce.

      With the new option to toggle scat content in SS2 I don't see anything that could warn off new buyers that don't like that as it's now optional.

  11. hey combin.

    i guess this will be my last post because ur decision was like a "surrender" .u wont have succes with it.

    a few month ago u had less than 1 k per month and now that u have 1,7k u give up lol
    u never gave up on ur path by making scat/piss the main priority. i played ss1 again and the amount of scat/piss is almost everything in it. lol even tho in the battler she is pissing. i counted the piss/scat and it's a scary high amount.

    and in ss2 it started the same way come on!

    i allready told you my vision and why the beginning of ss2 is as worse as it could have been. my advice would be cancel sarah and focus on anne with a new story :D but nobody wants to see sarah shitting and pissing al the time.

    i guess when it comes to feedback from the community what was the biggest one? CANCEL this shit/piss shit :) u wont do it and now u want such an high amount from ur fellow supporters. u did everything wrong in my opinion.
    i hope im wrong and u will still stay alive in this industry.

    from a sad fan of your work :(
    have a nice one

    1. I am sorry to say but it would actually be great if it will be your last concern on the game. All i can say the game doesn't suit you but nothing more if all you can see in my games are piss and scat.

      One of the reason i am increasing the price is hoping to lose some of the patrons like you that keep complaining about the scene you doesn't like. The game is far from complete and consist of different parts. I am not only creating things that liked by majority but even things that liked by less that fit the story. I am actually more interested in creating things that are less found in some other games and emphasize them. While i will hopefully you find something that you like in my game but you are in no right to tell me what the game should be exactly like. For Sarah's side, it is more like a torture and test for her to survive. The themes of her event include, bestiality, bondage, rape, cruelty...etc, are heavy. But if you can only see scat and piss, it is truly your problem and you should stop playing it. I am truly happy if i have one less supporter like you. The story will go to Anne's side eventually and you can level her up like a new survivor if it can continue. If you cannot wait for it, you should stop supporting or stay away from it if some part of the game disgust you really much. But if you choose to support, you have to take the risk that not every content can be liked by you and seriously, i am not creating things that is only for you!

      If the amount of my supporters are little and limited, i will let it be. If i cannot have enough support even with the changes, i will just give up. I think it is reasonable and i don't beg for more than that.

      Goodbye and thanks.

    2. While i agree that he's having a "give up" like attitude, i can understand why, like he said, he's making little money with the games, but still, asking for 20$ per month will only make him give up faster because people will stop supporting him.

      However, it's up to him to decide what he wants to put in his games, they are his games after all, patreon is a tool to support creators, not a place to commission games. If you like his work and can afford to support him, do so, if you don't like it, move on with your life.

      Combin, if you happen to give up, i wish you the best of luck with your life.

  12. If you don't take the opinion of a random, maybe you'll take mine.

    My name is Starke. I'm the owner of and the lead designer of Heaven Studios (, I'm also a very influent and hard working person in the RPG Maker scene, I've been in this community for about 5 years and did for it way too many things to enumerate.

    I've seen people like you come and go, and let me tell you, I was actually one of the few people that supported you at the beginning and got you a lot of purchases on DLSite and supporters on Patreon because not everyone has tolerance for 3D art, specially with the burst of 3DCG english Hentai Games.

    Your shitty attitude is the first reason why people are dropping you, not the games, that and your shady intentions. People started supporting you while following a model, then you lied to a lot of people (including the guy who wrote a lot of your scenes, yes, I know a lot more than you think). You tried to get the community behind you while acting shady, and then you shit on them and tell them "you're not forced to follow me", that's absolutely disgusting.

    Who the fuck has been supporting you since the first game you released? You don't do anything for the passion of creating, you don't do it for the community or the adult industry, you want a quick buck. Everything you say sounds like "give me money now or I'll throw a tantrum", you and others like you are the reason why Patreon is getting a bad name for hentai RPG Maker games and honestly, people like you just promote piracy more and more.

    People can get your game for 20$ on DLSite or just find it for free anywhere else being pirated, or do you think it's the DRM that is going to protect your game? So why would people support you if you're creating something that the vast majority of people don't like, your pretty eyes? Your amazing personality?

    No one is forcing you to create anything, but you don't know anything about the scene and you don't know nothing about the "industry", and you brag that you put on 10 events a month? You're doing 3D art you idiot, how can you even begin to compare with someone that draws characters from scratch, paints them and animates them when you just grab a character, put it in a position and that's it? If you really want to compare size compare yourself to circle Saboten/Acerola who has thousands of DRAWS images in their games, and they release it WAY faster than you do, so don't go saying "the others don't work anywhere near as hard as I do" when you have no idea how hard others work for this, you don't create tilesets, you don't create soundtracks, you don't parallax map, you don't create scripts, you don't draw, you just grab the resources other people before you created and then put it together and add text, but I'm not here to discuss amounts of work with you.

    I'm also not here to give you a lesson on microtransactions, but 10x10$ > 0x20$, get what I mean? Alriiighty.

    What I'm here to talk about, is that me, as a gamer before creator, really enjoyed your first and second games, where you actually tried to fit in, tried to cater to the community, and then Patreon happened, and money happened, and then you thought you could do whatever you wanted and shit went downhill, you caused this upon yourself, you drove the community away, and now, as a user, and as a creator, your attitude disgusts me.

    Stop giving the community a bad name.
    Grow up, or don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    1. I know in many people's eyes, i am a madman right now but i don't mind it, lol. Some of you may think the changes is sucidial but I would like to give it a try and is ready for the consequence like I said in the post.

      But I can tell you from my eyes, i always rate 2D above 3D arts because they are much more original and actually take longer time to create each picture. And thats why I was worried at the beginning but it seems some of the people wouldn't mind it is 3D if the game is interesting. I am not comparing myself to other 2D creators but I am comparing myself to a friend who is also creating 3D pictures and adult rpg game. The fact I am shocked is because he is able to get over $2500 in just a month as he is just a beginner. He actually asked me how to create those 3D pics and said he was inspired by my games and want to create similar things. While I am glad for him to receive so much support and prove even 3D adult rpg games can be so popular, I believe I should question myself and ask whether my games are actually unlikable and maybe it is time to give up as I have already spent some time on creating them.

      I am not sure how I lie to people. There is always piss and scat scenes and I have never promised to remove them and even warned people about it. And I have finished the game Agent Alona like I promised when I have received the one time donation for it. Also, how was I acting shady, lol? It is true that I do visit some forum and view the comments on my games and actually find you keep bad mouthing Agent Alona on the post when I was still working on it. But I don't mind it as people has their freedom to express their views. Moreover, I didn't like to interfere in those post as I think being the author, it is better not to affect people's discussion and judgement there but it maybe a bit old fashioned as many other authors seems to talk a lot on those community nowadays.

      I am not angry with any people who don't like scat and actually hate my games. But I am really annoyed by the people who can't take or ignore those scenes but keep playing from game to game and complain about it. It is true that 'you are not forced to follow me', if you hate scat scene. Like I am not a fan of Loli, if I see the main heroine is one, I would rather not playing it but I won't blame the author for creating a Loli's game, lol.

      For Patreon, as I am now receiving a monthly support, I will consider it is a monthly work. If I have receive enough support for the month, I will work on it and release the updates. If i can't receive enough support after some time, i may just give up and the development is stopped. I believe it is how Patreon work and I think it is fair to both side.

      I have my passion or i won't spent most of my free time to create my previous 3 games. But it just cannot last forever if the dream cannot come true. The previous 3 games are to give it a try whether I can work in this adult rpg game industry for full time. One of reason I am giving up now because I still cannot receive a monthly goal $2000 even after all the time. The second reason is, it seems my games aren't popular enough and there is reason for the limited amount of patrons when I compare with my friend. The last reason is I am annoyed of being told what not to add in the game. I wouldn't mind taking advices on adding or improving things. But I hate being told what I shouldn't add in my games! I think I have enough reason to give up but not just sounds like “give me money now or I 'll throw a tantrum” like you said. It is my opinion and how I feel, I won't simply change it.

    2. But I can tell you even i get the same and even lower amount of monthly donation after the changes, i am actually even more happy to continue than before because i know the supporters are truly want the game to be made but not just for rewards. Just like you said, people can actually get the games for free anywhere, if people truly want to support, they will. But it would be my fault if I can't have enough supporters because my games aren't appearing enough but not any other people.

      And for SS2, i have actually planned it to have the largest content and has the longest story out of all my game that is one of the reason I want to work on it for full time. It is true that I really want to finish it but there is also other factors that matter.... Everyone has there own background and difficulties but I just would like to let you know I do hope the game to be great.

      To be honest, I found your whole post being aggressive. For previous reply, I just want to let people know I have already tried my best without holding back for the past few months. If people think it is not enough, I will let it be. It is not I am saying I am the best or the fastest in creating games but it is just I believe I am not really that slow and also explaining I cannot pull out anymore content faster honestly as the people is asking more because the price increase.

      And It is like you are complaining I am working not enough, but I can tell you creating the best art isn't my first priority but to create a complete game with a finished story. I would think you are wrong if I must work like other authors that I should draw thousand of images or creating other materials...etc. It is true I am a practical person that I won't spend several days just to work on 1 picture or event(or I work even slower at this rate). I would rather spend the time to create more events and variety for the whole game. The spirit of my games aren't truly the art but the situaion and feelings it delivers. There are other 2D adult fighting games that I know the authors have to a lot of sprites for just one animation and I totally respect that. However, it isn't the way I create my games. I would like to work from game to game to tell the story and build up the whole world that is my dream and it won't be changed. I am hoping to finish SS2 within 9-10 months and then I will move to another game immediately to continue the story. There are a lot of stories and games that are planned to build up this world and that is my passion and ambition if you can't see it.

      How much people has gone and how many of them left also matter to me but not just in monterary term. So, It is like I said I will let people decide whether I should stay or not. Although according to some people, it maybe stupid as people will always try to survive. However, I am those person that would like to seek death if I derserved to, lol.

    3. I don't think you get the point...

      You are supposed to communicate with your fans, you are supposed to defend your game to the best of your ability in social media, but when I say you've acted shady, is that you started low on the scat and piss, you told a lot of people the game wouldn't be focused on that, and now Agent Alona probably had more scat/piss scenes than any other game.

      Since your fans and followers complained heavily about it, because trust us, every tho they are characters, we do have some respect and morale for the characters, so if you went around and made the other route first on SS2, or actually "hired" or got a buddy to help you with the Public Relations, you would go much further.

    4. I am not sure whats wrong with you. If i were you that i really don't like scat and cannot take it, i would just leave the game alone and never play it or them.

      There is always around 10% of the events that involve scat. It is the same for all my games including, SS1, TGS and AA. Agent Alona has more scat scenes because total number of event is over 104 and thats why it has more scat scenes than my previous games. So, while AA has around 10 scat scenes, SS and TGS would have around 4 to 5 because their total number of events are 38 and 45. And for both SS1's and TGS's demo, they both have scat inside and i believe they have already given enough warning before people choose to buy it. Also, if you think 10% is the main focus, i can't do anything to help. It is more like your over reaction to scat. The problem is if people cannot take shit, their eyes can only see shit as they focus on the shit, lol.

      It is funny for a hentai game creator trying to talk about respect and morale to characters. In the world of hentai, there are themes like rape, sexual abuse, tentacles and i don't see any of them that respect females and are actually crimes in real life. It is all about a matter of acceptance and my games are going the darker route. The point is if you are truly mature enough to enter the world of hentai, you will have the ability and recognize what is real and what is imagination. If you truly cannot accept some of the theme, nobody is forcing you. But in the meanwhile, you shouldn't affect other people's creation based only on your preference.

      I didn't advertise on those public forums until i am trying to promote SS2 recently. One of the reason is because my games do include scat and have darker themes. So i hope only the people who have tried my games and is able to take it, would come and support me. I completely know that my games aren't for the majority so i would stay in a low profile most of the time. I am not forcing people to like scat but i hope the one who enjoy some of the scat scenes can come and find me or even support me if you can.

      It is true i would rather not to be supported by people who can't take or ignore those scat scenes in my game. I am fine of having not enough supporters but i would just want to know it earlier before it is too late.

    5. Personally i'am not against scat scenes. But maybe you should add an option to skip scat scenes since there are so many complaints. Scat fans will be able to look the scene and the others to skip it. So everybody will be happy

    6. Then you shouldn't be mad when a lot of people don't support those types of themes or fetishes, you cater to a more niche amount of users, and you only get a cut of the market, your friend caters to a much more wider audience, so he gets a bigger cut, plus he has a much more pleasant personality, so how does that come as a surprise for you?

      When we started doing our first game, Ayame's Adventure, we didn't have a theme in mind, we knew we wanted to make a living at creating RPG Maker Hentai Games, and we wanted to work in RPG Maker Hentai Games because we have pleasure doing it, what made us have a unparalleled success, was that we've been the leading forum in the community for 3 years, we have played most games that came out, making tools, translations, bug fixes, etc. and we did a lot of market research

      Corruption, a lot of choice and interaction, different outfits, long games, simple games, immersive maps, we did a lot of research on what the community likes, and we went from there.

      You're doing what YOU like, you can't blame the community for not supporting you more, and with your attitude towards those who have so far, only makes them feel bad about doing it.

      A damn shame, really.

      Wish you luck in the future, whatever you decide to do.

    7. Your aggressive personality has got me annoyed and you keep comparing your very own experience to other is some what annoying. You keep telling me my attitude disgusts you or my personality caused the low patrons which i found it is very personal.

      I have never mad at any people for not supporting but only to those who keeps complaining about some of the themes they hate but still choose to continue playing the games. I have tried to stay calm and remain polite to all this until recently.

      So, to succeed, someone must do a lot of research and only create things that the majority like? I think it is so wrong and unimaginative and all the new games would be more or less the same in this way like copies of each other.

      I create what i like because i think people will like it too. Like the idea of playing as a survivor and level up to fight mutant creatures. Like being a superheroine and help the citizens in the city while she has to earn her daily living. Like being an US secret agent and has to undercover as a teacher in the Japanese school. No marketing research will help you to get those idea, lol. Although there is no guarantee one's idea will success, you have to try and be creative and have your own vision of how your game should be. Your way of creating game bores me!

      When my idea comes, I will keep thinking of more idea on it and keep expanding it with things that I found suitable and interesting. I don't restrict myself on what I must add or mustn't. I go from light to heavy, minimum to maximum or even something extreme. That is my pleasure of creating games. If it is limited, the fun would be over!

      But the point here is, for scat scenes that maybe liked by 5% and disliked by 95% of people, it is truly not my way to please the majority and not giving the minority what they like. It is unfair, a discrimination and a terrible decision. And it also reduce fun of creating games because of the restriction.

    8. What...?

      You're actually enumerating the reasons why people followed you in the first place, the originality of your games, the themes, not the fetishes involved in it, in those games peeing and scat were like 5%, you actually think scat and peeing is only 5% of Agent Alona? Who are you lying to? Me or yourself?

      Just do whatever you want, like you have so far, you're beyond any help anyone offers you.

    9. Can you truly read? I said if piss and scat scenes are only liked by 5 out of 100 people for example, i still won't remove them. But not saying there is only 5% scenes that involve scat. Like i said in my previous reply, there will be always around 10% scenes have scat in my games.

      From my point of view, i have never asked for any help honestly. It is all about whether people still want to support after the changes and i will gladly accept people's decision.

    10. Hey man...he´s obviosly trolling you. You don´t need to pay attention to that kind of people...less so if he´s annoying you. The RPG community of Iberia (that guy is from Portugal) is that pompous and self-important. You don´t need to pay attention to them.

      You aspire to make the games that u like! Not the games that are popular! It´s the same in the world of music, in the world of books. What books are the best sellers? The bad books of course! Things like Tom Clancy or personal-superation books (crap like that). The books of Tolstoi, Zola or Joyce cannot sell that well....but ARE INFINITELY BETTER. Make the games that make the difference TO YOU. What about the public? The public is free, as yourself! Don´t let this fools with theirs "market studies" make it to your nerves. The public is free to follow and buy your games also!

    11. Yeah, market researches, why would they work? Oh right, because pretty much any half assed demo makes about as much money as combin ation is making after 3 game releases? Yeah, I was absolutely and inequivocally wrong, so pompous and shit.

  13. So far I bought all of your games. The content that I didn't like was never a big issue for me. What has become an big issue for me is your attitude. Every second post is whining.

    Also, if you really think that effectively rising the price of your next game to 12x20$ you either fail at basic math or you are delusional.

    So your aim with all of this was to actually lose people who bought your games? Guess what, it worked.

    1. Same, i bought all his games, i think maybe he just want to stop making RPGs, and don't finish SS2. So he rises the price up, everybody unpladge of his patreon. And when he will say it's our fault that we didn't support him, so SS2 won't be finish...
      I really really hope that i'am wrong!

    2. Just like i said above, it would be nobody's fault beside the game isn't appealing to gather enough support.

  14. With the Patreon monthly amount before the price change at around 1600 it would have been possible to reach that 2000 milestone eventually as you had months left to the SS2 release.
    Only reason why it hasn't decreased much yet is because people probably only gonna notice it early next month when they aren't getting their usual content.
    Still for developing a single rpg game that's a lot of money already and not something you see that often as there are plenty of Patreon projects that fail from the start.
    So to pick a few that are doing well isn't your best look at how much your "should" make.

    If it's all about the money then you might also be making them for the wrong reasons as it has to be something you like to develop and that the majority of the user base wants as those are the ones who support you and buy them.

    Money doesn't equal support after all, that's why some are on ULMF / Hongfire etc.. to get feedback both positive and negative while in the meantime promoting it to new users.
    Have bought all your games in the past but this time removed the pledge and will wait how this turns out as it looks you have already called it quits so no reason to pay for a game that will never get a finished story.

    1. This guy is totally right, with time you would make the 2000$ per month before the price change, but know, if you change your price back, it will take even more time to reach that milestone, because you disappointed a lot of people with your recent behaviour.

      When you began working on hentai you probably didn't make any money, but you keep on working, and know that you make 1600$, you want to give up, i don't understand that (and comparing yourself to your friend isn't the answer, if he makes more money it's because he's better).

    2. I am not sure why people still don't see the point if they have read my post. $2000 is really only the average income in my living place. If i have a hard time reaching it even after spending over 2 years working on different games, i believe it just won't get me far for staying to create more games. People has different living requirement in different place and it is true that there is no future for earning $2000 a month in long term at my location.

      And when i compare to my friend, i see it make a large difference for not adding scat scene. If a lot of people choose not to support because of it, i would just give up and consider my games don't have enough support. The scat involved scenes would always be part of the humiliation in my games, if i am not allowed to create and add the things that i want. There is truly no point for me to continue create more games as it can no longer be my interest.

      I am not sure why people should be disappointed with my behaviour or attitude. Because of the increased in requirement? But i am not forcing people to keep supporting and i have already released updates for their previous support. Because i tries to give up and stop creating games for not receiving enough support? Please understand people does have their own background and not everyone can maintain their living with the same monthly support and i am not blaming anyone for it. Because i tries to tell people to stay away from my game if they can't take or ignore scat? I am not sure why it is my fault because if you don't like scat scene, you should have stopped playing it. If you continue playing the game, you are taking your own risk because you already know there are scat scenes and stop complaining.

      I have tried to explain everything nicely in previous times but it seems people just won't listen. If people think it is expensive and isn't worth it, they can stop supporting. If people wouldn't mind to support more because they truly want the game to be made, they can stay. If people don't like my games because there are scat scenes, they can stay away from it. Isn't it just that simple? There is really not necessary to tell me a lot here or there because I believe I have already made my point very clear at the beginning, lol.

    3. Well, the problem here is that if your friend didn't showed up, you wouldn't give up and complain about the litle money you make. And since you like to compare yourself to others, why don't you take Akabur's exemple and move to a different place? Before making as much money as he does, he used to live in a really small apartment in the fucking ghetto, he had to go far away just to buy groceries, the freaking building almost blow up once and he never gave up. He did that to be able to keep making games, and look at him now, he makes almost 13.000$ per month.

    4. Yes, my friend has made me realize when having scat scenes in my games, it won't make me to go far no matter how hard i try, so i think if i cannot gather more support by increasing the price, i should just give up. And there is no point comparing to someone who made so much and different game. I compare to my friend because we create 3d adult rpg games and we both started patreon for not long ago but there already major differences on our support.

    5. When i said to compare yourself to Akabur i didn't said to compare your games. Compare your struggles with his, his sacrifices with yours. He never gave up, even when he didn't had any money and was living in the ghetto, but you, now that you're making money, you want to give up, without trying to do something about it. The only thing you did was, "i need more money or i'll give up". Try to find a new place to live, that could help, or maybe get a job and don't work so much on the games. Try to look for a solution before just giving up because someone that doesn't have scat in his game is making 3000$. I'm not trying to tell what to do, these are just ideas and advices, and you're welcome to take any of them, but they're the last ones.

    6. I give up because i see no other solution beside not adding scat scene. But if i cannot create the game in my own vision, i see no point in continuing. It is more like an exchange for more money in the sacrifice of freedom to create. From my point of view, as a true creator of adult rpg games, it isn't the right thing to do and give up one of the hentai theme... Thank you for your last advice but i think suggesting to remove piss or scat completely is not gonna to work for the above reason. The function to skip the scat scene is already added into the game and is the best thing i can do.

    7. I didn't said for you to remove scat and piss, it's your games so it's up to you to decide what to do in them (i actually like the piss stuff xD). I just said for you to thing of other ways to help you keep working on the games, like the thing to skip scat scenes you added was a good ideia, but you need more. Like i said maybe moving to a different city and living in a smaller house/apartment would help, that way you would pay an income of 2000$. But like i said, these are just ideas and advices.

  15. i finally left ur patreon not because of the scat or the raising amount.
    i did it because ur character and attitude is the worst i've ever seen. you are insulting ppl here in your blog over and over again who try to help you. lol. what a waste of time.

    Starke, u made my day man.
    now i go support ppl who actually deserved it. like ur "friend" :)

    bye :*

    1. In all my previous replies, i have been keep trying to explain on your concern and suggestions one by one carefully. What are you keep trying to do is keep telling me your vision of how SS2 should be and the piss/scat should be removed but nothing more. Just like i said, if you cannot like, take or ignore them, you can just stop support. And It is not like i don't know the reason that caused the limited support but the scat scenes will always be part of my game and one of the interest to create my own games. If the changes can't not help, i will just stop creating them as they are not liked to have enough support.

      You can support anyone you like or you think he or she is deserved but i don't see you have the right to enforce your idea on other people's creation. Thanks.

  16. no offense - but I believe or feel that you need a memorial pause times.

    As already mentioned above, I wish you the best for your project, etc. - but somehow it brought here so slowly that you're apparently soon destroy itself with the whole back and forth here. A direct comparison "with your friend" you hurt pretty.

    is it really that important to you what he has and what do you have? Treat yourself to a break times and unlock a gear or two times down and think about it what you want - yet you're on the way to destroy everything that you have built you :-)

  17. Here are some tips for you.

    1. Advertise your games and yourself on many different forums. This will help as you are in a niche for some of the fetishes in your games, don't be afraid to get into discussions about the games as you are trying to sell a product.

    2. When reading comments or before posting your own, speak them out loud. This is a technique that my college English classes say to do for critiques and your own written works.

    3. Don't be afraid to ask for tips from others, not just about content but also about techniques, how they got the word out on their games, among other stuff.

    4. Add more rewards to your patreon, like a monthly drawing where you make a picture for the winner or something similar.

    I have played Survivor Sara and the Green Shadow, Agent Alona is still on my to buy list. I like The Green Shadow, here is some of what I find lacking in some areas of your games.

    1. Side quests; not the kind that just gives you rewards but the kind that also gives you background stories about the local area, the world, or the characters you meet. Side quests are optional and are their to give more meat to the game.

    2. NPC's; their should be more interesting NPC's in the game, not just in the main quest or in side quests, but in exploring the world of the game. They should give a story as the game advances, including them gives more life to the game itself.

    3. Lore; You should be able to find it scatter throughout the game, to give a example: in the Green Shadow I was kind of hoping to find stories in newspapers or books about other super heroes, like for instance reading about another super heroine rise and fall, stuff like that.

    And about your blog, you could add a section where you write down short stories for your world that happen but don't fit into the games, so your visitors can get more invested in the stories of your games. Like about another survivor who doesn't make it or stories that happen to the characters in the past before the games or what the characters where up to between games.

  18. Hey man...sorry for my english...I´m still learning to write in english (I can read it very well, though). Well, you are a terrific developer. I fucking love your games. Don´t shy away from the extreme content. In fact, I looking to see more extreme situations! (Have u seen Skyrim modded at hell...there are many users in lovers lab who loved gory and scat things...Western community is very open to those situations, don´t let the users here tell u otherwise).

    Maybe $2000 is a far reach goal. You know u´re doing this for love, not for the money. Maybe find a regular job (a light regular job) and work on these games like a hobby. Why do you need to stop making games altogether? , but u can get easily $1000. Plus the money u can get from a regular and easy job. That scenario sounds very bad to you?

  19. man these thing are like that you work work and work but you still can t get the money u want.But ıf u continue and struggle those situatins there will be a time where you look at the past and smile.For me you re not publishing yourself to the h game discussion sites.When ı first saw your game honestly a said to myself why would ı lapy this **** ?But ı give it a try and ı sweared at myself :D the stroy is just amazing.Story is the thing that makes your game unique.And you need to ıntroduce yourself to the those sites.Instead of workig fulltime ı prefer you to spend some time on those sites.I know some h game sites which does not contain your games!Your games are epic for me ıf you ask.Just be strong and try to pubish yourself.

  20. WOAW ı ve read some comments and ı see that some people the realy do not ike the scat issue as ı see.I will write some sites where you can advirtise yourself;

    first two of them is the best ı guess.Talking here and raising or decreasing money does not work even ıf you do.Just spend somte time on those sites introdue yourself to the people or even make a facebbok accont like hentai englis rpg games cause ıt s realy common for people to search like that.You will find more players and you will reach your monthly goal or more as ı guess.1750 dollars is not that bad since ı know some realy godd h rpg games in english and only got 500 dlooars per month.Don t compare yourself to the others when you the you always discourage yourself.It s same in very topic.And ıf it s possible to release games in a shorter time do it cause 2 years and 3 games seems realy low.It must be hard to make them as ı see but ıf you do you gain a lot.One last thing is you may look at the popular hentai games like violated heroine which ı think that it s the most popular game in the whole world played by the h gamers.Scat and piss arent t welcomed by most of the people as you see instead of it you can add some feet,hair,armpit ı dont know but there are a lot things like that and they re more welcomed by people.And ı played akabur s game and ı don t give a shit to those shit games.I ve looked up all the images that he used in his game but found nothing valuable all of them are the same when you compare with each other.Don t know the game playin but h scenes are just too damn ba in akabur s games.And h scenes is the thing what makes h games :).Dont discourage yourself keep up with the good work ! If you continue ı ll probably start supporting you ın the future.One last thing ıf you do a job which you like ıt ll make feel a lot better than you do a job you don t like ıt s common just like that :).I know a person he is my friend and gains nearly 40 000 dollars per month but ı can easily say that he does not have free time and as ı can see he hates his lifestyle.Dont pay attention to the comments which will make you think walk or not you know what ı mean :).Cause ın these days some people they realy like seeing people failing in things.Especialy when they re the cause of it! HOPE YOU CONTINUE and have the mone you want.But don t make the money ın the fırst place, people don t like it.You mıght be right but after saying that much people will not think like as they do.Shortly don t compare yourself to the others and ıf you wanna compare yourself than compare with the publishing ıssue.It will help a lot. TAKE CARE !____!

    1. Thank you for all the advices. Actually, my game is promoted on some of the sites already. I will wait for the end of this month and see if i should continue. Currently, i just want to focus on finishing the last update for this month. I apologize for the not very active response!

    2. no problem :) hope you will continue

  21. One last small thing ı wanna ask :) what are the changes int survivor sarah 1.21? and do you have a walkthrough for it if it has a few new scenes compared with the old version.And ı ve looked but couldn t find the place to buy it ^.^ thanks

    1. I have answered you on the Survivor Sarah post. Thanks.

  22. Lol ı played officer chloe and that game can t be compared with yours just simply the main character is ugly as hell -,-

  23. You haven't said anything but since there's 2 more preview pics on the front page of your patreon, i'm assuming you're not giving up, am i right? Can you give us a little update to about how the development is going?

  24. I can not afford to pay a monthly subscription to anything, however that being said I have purchased everyone of your games. I normally would not buy these games, but after playing the demo. I truly wanted your games. I am really looking forward to SS2 but if you are making it to where I have to pay a monthly fee, then I guess I will not be able to buy that. Either way please don't hang in the towel. As I stated before your games are the only one I have ever bought, because I think they are great.

  25. you exist yet, or do you have now ceased? you hear nothing one reads nothing