Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Update on patreon page and a few more preview for SS2

I have updated my patreon page and added a more detailed explanation on the whole gameplay of SS2. You are welcomed to take a look.

And here are some more previews for SS2 :


  1. Now I've read the new description I really like SS2! That was a step in the right direction!

    You could also start a thread in various forums like:

    You just copy the description and the link for the demo into a Post in the forum and by doing that you get a bit more exposure. You need to take a look into the forums because some of them seem to have a "comercial" section, however I don't think that KJames posted in those sections ;)
    You should however add something to explain the scat/piss and shota scenes (like in AA where you didn't have to do most of them)
    Now that there is enough information about the game you even got me thinking about pledging on Patreon ... even though I still don't like the site as such.

    1. As you may have found out... I'm not actrive on ulmf :P Just found your post ^^
      You could however still transfer the description to your post ^^

    2. Thank you for your suggestion, i will take a look at them.

  2. well, i dont know...
    thought about the concept of ss2 and as far as i can see it just doesnt work at all.

    part 1 should be at the end of part 3 . and here is the reason:
    if you are in part 2, HOW can you (as a player) feel the humiliation of sarah anymore, when she just got raped/beaten etc 1 day ago and she has to strip on a pole ? i just cannot see it! im sorry. after part 1 there is simply nothing worse what could happen to her anymore. how can she feel embarrased by stripping or whatever after this start!

    well. thats my personal opinion. maybe you guys see it differently :)

    i prefer a slowly increased process of it!

    1. I can see your point.. however you cannot start with a "pure" character in SS2 because she got soiled in SS1. If this was a new character without a background I would be fully supporting your point of view but in this case it's just not possible.
      Having played the demo again just now.. Well you may have still a point that it is quite fast :/

    2. I know some of you may think this way and i have thought about it when i design the first part of SS2. I can tell you i have the same view as you and care about this very much that the heroine should be fallen slowly and going step by step to increase the feeling of the game. But remember it is SS2 and there are already previous events happened in SS1 to Sarah and this is one of the reason that i am sending SS1 to the people who have donated on patreon.

      In SS1, Sarah started as an innocent citizen and then turned into a survivor slowly and later a zombie hunter if she can escape the city. I think the process has built up her image as a kick ass heroine and it is done at the beginning of SS2. So, i think it is the right time to break her in part 1 of SS2. And on Anne's side, it is her turn to build up her image as a survivor. And this is why and how both sides of story go.

      About the feel of humiliation for Sarah in part 2, there are several reasons that the feeling can still exist.

      1.First of all, Sarah is caught off guard and jailed unwillingly to protect Anne. Those people then torture and break her in different ways. Those activities are forced without Sarah's permission. During the whole time, she is still trying hard to resist being broken and her decision will affect whether she can do that or truly submitted to those people. This is the gameplay of Sarah's side in part 1. To simply say it, if a female is jailed by a few strangers and raped. It won't make her an shameless exhibitionist and welcomed to be raped by other people again or even being tortured. So, when she triggers other hentai events afterwards, the humiliation is still here as she is not completely a whore.

      2. Also, Anne will always act as a restrainer to Sarah so she would feel shame if she perform shameful in front of her. In Sarah's heart, she will always want to become a good example to Anne. However, to survive, there maybe something she needs to do but embarrassing. Although Sarah may able to take some of the event lightly as her 'morality' starts at 50, when Anne is with her and observed her behaviour, she may feel shameful again. And with deeper stage, for example, the pole dance. The shameful and humiliating feeling will be back. Moreover, there are mutant creatures that is waiting for her...

      It can be challenging to maintain the feeling of humiliation. However, i have faith to get it done with suitable dialogues and process. But it is hard to tell until you have actually played it. One thing i can tell is there will be gap and story between part 1 and part 2 to make things feel naturally.

      I liked your question because i do think the same and it is actually fun to answer!

    3. i would love to agree on your point here, even tho i have to admit that you have a good explanation, but:
      the fact that at the beginning of the story sarah is willing to give 2 strangers her full body and full sperm without even using a condom makes a completely whore out of her. she wasnt even blackmailed or anything. she just did it by herself. and if thats not whory to sell body for money or in that case supplys and shelter, i dont know what is ^^

      afterwards she gets imprisoned and raped etc. but raping a whore feels not satisfying at all to me. which gets me back to my question: a woman who freely sells her body for food can't feel shame anymore by stripping on a pole.

      i do agree with ur second point. the anne factor is huge and thats why i am looking forward to it and im still pretty excited for the game to be released someday. #hope

    4. Yea! Sarah is changed after SS1 no matter what path she has chosen or she wouldn't even able to stay alive. While it is the fact she does use her body to exchange for supplies, she also do it for her own sexual desire and actually chooses her own target. You can consider the brothers in the camp are young and quite handsome so she wouldn't mind it. While those farmers are old and disgusting man that Sarah would never want to have sex with! So, she may have become a bitch in SS2 but not a complete whore yet! Another reason is Sarah knows she is not in long term relationship with them and actually depart in the next morning and there won't be much embarrassment. However, in part 2, she and Anne would STAY in the village for the time and known by other villagers. The situation is different and Sarah will behave herself better and tries not to make other villagers think she is a whore!(Although she is given the option!)

    5. But still those are my assumption when i design the game, it possible people may feel different than what i originally thought. But only by finishing game can actually find out, hehe.

  3. 1 more thing to the scat affair: you said u dont have that much scat in your games. thats right. but 1 scene with scat is everything it needs to get turned off. the characters purity is blown away and not sexy at all anymore. but it doesnt matter now since you can skip it!

    1. As a lover of humiliation from scat scene, i don't feel this way personally. Every shitting scene is more like a peeping or exhibitionist scene to me. But i think it will feel differently for those who doesn't like scat scene, lol!

  4. Disliked SS2 so far up until I read the updated Patreon page about part 2 which sounds a lot better, part 1 just moves a bit too fast especially compared to your other games where you get some freedom of choice and those determine the final outcome.

    The scat part is definitely not a turn on and normally skip it if possible, maybe make it optional somehow (disabled by default)?

    1. Just like i said in my reply above, SS2 is the continuation of SS1. What happened in SS1 does applied in SS2. And i have even sent every patrons SS1 along with the update of SS2 for them to try and see what happened in SS1 before starting SS2.

      You can also determine Sarah's fate and outcome in part 1 of SS2 but this time in the worst environment out of all my games.

      The option to disable scat scene is already added to the game if you read my post on patreon.

    2. Thanks, missed that part.
      Understand that its the continuation but it felt a lot different story wise, normally it progressed a bit slower.

  5. I just pledged on patreon. I was number 150 :D
    I really dont like patreon as a sight so I think for the future I'll revert to paypal/email if you're still going to dev SS2.
    Did the number of patrons get a slight increase since you added the description? ;)

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  7. hey combin. quick question: are u going to release the green shadow uncensored anytime soon or ever ?