Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Monthly Subscription Plan on Patreon and Current Project

My Work :
I am trying to develop adult rpg games that made by rpg maker xp. If you like my games, you can support me.

Projects :
Additional Content for SS1 (Completed)
Survivor Sarah 2 Chapter 1 -The Inhumane Farm- (Completed)
Survivor Sarah 2 Chapter 2 -???- (Under Development)
Survivor Sarah 2 ~The Cruel World~ (Under Development)
Agent Alona : Missions (Under Development)

Patreon :
Starting from this project, I am hoping to receive monthly support by using Patreon like some other adult game developers are doing. It seems it can raise a more reliable support then just listing the game for sale after finishing it.

One of the reason that I didn't switch to this module earlier is because instead of looking for support to create 1 game, I want to create GAMES! To me, I don't really like those earlier access game because when they have enough support, they may slow down their progress and it will take forever for the developer to add a few things or some games will not actually be finished and I really doesn't like this idea at all! My target is always moving from 1 game to another game, so I can create a lot of GAMES and tell different stories! And I can tell you I have over 10 idea for games in my mind but it is just the concepts come a lot faster than I can create them.

And for the reason I am trying to give Patreon another try is the download number of my games are still limited to be honest. I didn't say it before but my target for each game is always over 1000 downloads. However, none of my games is able to make it currently although Survivor Sarah is getting close to it. My original thought is, by creating more games, I believe the download number will increase but that is not the case. For my newest game Agent Alona, even I have tried to receive donations during the development, the download number is still only over 750 currently. To continue creating more games, I believe I will need to change the way to receive support. Also, I hope to receive a more stable support so I can worry less about the development time and cost while I am working on them. I believe it can provide a better environment for the development and improve the quality of the game.

So, I believe I can use Patreon to work it out. It will be like a monthly subscription. And when you have subscribed for the month, you will be able to download the newest version of the current project. For the current example, if you have become a patron in May, your donation will be processed at the beginning of next month(June). On this month, you will be able to download the newest version of the current project and it will be the uncensored version of SS1 and the additional content for it when it is finished.

Here is the list of rewards :
For $5 : Support the development and will be able to view the concept art gallery. More picture will be added in each month.
For $10 : Support the development and will be able to download the newest version of the current project for the month.
For $15 : Support the development and will be able to download the newest version of the current project for the month and view the concept art gallery.

My Plan for future Games :
If you have played my previous 3 games, Survivor Sarah, The Green Shadow Rachel and Agent Alona, I hope you will notice that they are connected and are in the same universe. This is what I want to create! A world filled with different characters and tell different kind of stories and at the same time they are connected and affecting each other! I would say phrase 1 is finished as a world is created and the zombie incident is the ongoing event for the series. The story will continue in
phrase 2 and there will be another 3 games to tell the story(something I learnt from Marvel as I am a fan of them!). I have already got the idea and story in my mind!

Phase 1 :

Phase 2 :
SS2, ??, ??

Phase 3 :
(More titles that are inspired by video games and movies but I don't want to reveal them before phase 2 is completed)

And if I am able to receive enough support, I really hope to hire people and speed up the development. It will be great if I can multi tasking on two or more games at the same time with people's help! Then patrons will have more games to download in each month! However, for the games in phase 2, my plan is still to finish them on my own.
I am not sure how many patrons will be willing to join currently and I will give it a month or two and see! But I hope my plan can convince some of you to support the development in this new change! Please feel free to ask any questions!



  1. I loved The Green Shadow and would love to see a sequel in the works sometime in the future! Also, it would be nice to see more BDSM/ryona/torture scenes, as it seems there'as already quite a few humiliation/stripping/exploitation scenes in your games. A scene skip option would be nice too, so game restarts aren't so time-consuming. Thanks for listening! :D

    1. Yeah I was thinking a scene skip feature would be nice, especially after restarting AA 6 times the intro starts to get old haha.

    2. I have finally added the skip dialogues script in the AA (Ver 1.01)! Was unable to find such script until i have seen it on a forum.

      And thank you for playing the game so many times, that is what a creator would like to hear! Haha. But I hope it hasn't become a pain to you yet, lol!

  2. Hello,
    For the folks that contribute at Patreon, when will the uncensored version of SS1 be available? Also, will you be posting the uncensored version of TGS1?
    I'm very much looking forward to the new content.

    1. The uncensored version of SS1 will be available at the beginning of the next month(June) after patreon has processed the pledge. The additional content will be included if they are finished at that time and i am working on it now!

      For TGS, i believe the uncensored version will be released later but it will take a while. I am hoping to do the same treatment like i am currently doing it on SS1!

  3. Awesome, I look forward to it very much!

  4. Totally on board with this, really hope enough people join in as your games offer the quality and story that is rarely seen in other rpgmaker games.

  5. you're a fan of marvels, like the avengers movie That It Would be possible to you later games with a 3 playable heroes in game by examples ... ???
    his would be great to play with Alona, rachel sarah same time

  6. Hi made a comment earlier on someone else post by mistake and can't remove it. bought the green shadow rachel game and couldn't play it. It shows the RGSS102e.dll could not be found. my email is tubtxheebvang@gmail.com