Monday, May 11, 2015

New Content For SS1, Information on SS2 and Working Full Time!

Information On Survivor Sarah 2 :

My next game will be Survivor Sarah 2 which some of you may have waited for! I have started to develop SS2 immediately after releasing SS1 like 2 years ago but moved to other projects like TGS and AA. However, as the story is being developed, it will continue in SS2 and that is the reason i am going to work on it again!

I am working on the event pictures now, here is a preview! But one thing i want to make it clear that the first part of SS2 will be heavily emphasize on torture and rape(Sarah's side. Anne's side will be about Shota i think). There will actually be bestiality in it! For each character with a sequel, i would always want to go deeper and deeper for those perverted scene. I know some of you may already have a hard time to accept some of the scenes in my previous games. So, i would like to give a warning for those who have donated on patreon to receive the update of SS2 and make sure you can accept or prepared for those scenes! I really hope you won't pay for something that you can't take it! But for the second part of SS2, i believe the scenes will be less 'hardcore'.

And here is my view on the first part of SS2(Sarah's side). I think the main idea is 'ponygirl' or 'pet'. To be honest, i don't have really much knowledge on it but i have seen them appears in some adult comics, pics and real life videos and liked the idea! I believe it is from western and is part of the bdsm stuff. And I have just searched on the internet(lol!) and found the concept of it is something about females roleplaying as horses sexually. However, in my game, it would be more like a pet rather than just a horse so more kinds of event can be created! So, you can expect there will be bondage and torture scene in the first part of the game!

Here is a look at the second heroine of SS2, Anne! While she is just one of the many survivors, she is also an very important character in the story!

A closer look at Anne! I believe it would be her final design. Adjusted her face a bit to make her look thinner. She is supposed to be the thinnest girl in all my games so far!

New Cover Image!

Here are some info of SS2 :
-The game will continue the incident after SS1.
-The game has 2 heroines Sarah and Anne. You will be able to control both of them. However, i believe Sarah will still get more events than Anne.
-The battlers and special attacks will be like the one in TGS and AA instead of SS1.(like the new Sarah's battler above!)
-There will be clothing damage system like the one in TGS. Special attacks will be performed by creatures on the heroines when their clothing are damaged! But both Sarah and Anne will only have 1 outfit for this system(the default one).
-There will be battle background this time. But i haven't decided to use 2d or 3d backgrounds yet.
-The heroines will be able to upgrade their equipment and buy/exchange items with the 'resources' they have collected.
-The amount of event pics would be between TGS and AA i believe.
-The development time should be less than a year.
-There are 3 main parts in the game :
 The first part will be similar to AA. If you have played the demo of SS2 on dlsite, you will know what it is about. It will based on decisions and lead to different consequences!
 The second part will be similar to TGS that Sarah will be able to explore the world freely but instead  of a city, it will be forest, village, cave, lake....etc. I hope to make it a bit like Monster Hunter! This part would be like a classic rpg game that you have to explore the area and search for the treasures!
 The third part will be closer to SS1 that Sarah has to focus on survival and run!

I am currently upgrading the game like battlers, animations, skills....etc. The updated version of SS2 will also be sent in the next month to patrons with any new progress made by the time!

New Content For Survivor Sarah 1 :

The additional contents for Survivor Sarah is completed! The picture above is the sample!

New Contents For SS1 :
1 Creature
2 Special Attacks of the new creature
3 Defeated Scenes
2 Events
2 Weapons(The strongest and weakest weapon in game!)
2 Maps
1 Title Picture(new title pic that is consistent to TGS's and AA's)

Update :
Sarah's stats is adjust to a more realistic one for roleplaying!
Biology is added in the status menu!

The uncensored version of SS1 with the new additional contents will be sent to patrons who have donated(please see the reward list!) on my patreon's page at the beginning of next month(June) after the donation is proceed!

My Patreon :

Working Full Time!
Agent Alona is my latest game and is by far the most profitable one for a single game despite the development time is over 1 year. It is mainly because a lot of you have donated on my blog to support the development before it was even released and i can receive almost the full amount of donations instead for giving half of the game price to dlsite for the commission! Thank you very much!!!

So, even AA cannot meet my target download number currently, the amount of donation that is generated by it has motivated me to try and work for creating adult rpg games for full time! I will give half year as a test(starting from next month) and see if i can meet my goal. My plan is to work for a few years on this field if everything is ok after the test period! I believe the donations from AA is almost the maximum i can get from creating an adult rpg game like this and i expect the future games will earn less. However, i believe if i am able to work for full time to finish more games at a faster rate, the donations and income that are generated by them can be satisfying and i would like to give it a try! So, if you are interested in supporting the development, you can donate on my patreon page and help me to meet my monthly goal!

(Some of you have told me that you can't donate through patreon. If you still want to help, you can support me through the 'donate' button on my blog. I will send the same rewards on patreon!)


  1. Hey, I saw your post and I'm going to sign up for your patreon bc I'm very excited about this. I'm just wondering, when you say there will only be one outfit, do you mean for the entire game? Because I'd really like to see Sarah and ESPECIALLY Anne in some sexy outfits. Will there be additional outfits for each character like sexy ones like the ones you've done in the other games?

    1. There will be other outfits for Sarah and Anne in some of the events like my other games. However, the 'default' one(Sarah's red shirt and blue skirt, Anne's school clothing) will be the only outfit they worn into battle and can be damaged. Thanks for asking!

  2. Is the update for SS1 out now, does it include more scat, fart and pee humiliation scenes (i really enjoy those) and is SS1 still available to buy uncensored on your blog thanks :)

    1. The uncensored SS1 isn't out yet and i am sorry the new scenes doesn't include any of those... The new events are actually 'light to medium' events and they happens around the middle of the game and are optional. But i think they are nice addition to the game, is a bit like the supermarket event that when Sarah want to survive, she needs to pay!

      The uncensored SS1 will be available on my blog like AA currently is. But it will only be released after i have sent to patrons on patreon, probably a month or two. And for those who have bought on dlsite, the new content will also available there(but censored) eventually. Thanks.

  3. hi its nice that you got back to SS2 perhaps you could add option that person who plays game could turn puch tings like piss or shit if he wants. thnak you.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion! I will probably add this in SS2.

  4. hi will we have tentacles/birth again just like in SS1? can we add lesbian option/scenes between the 2 female heroines? or can we even have one of them turn in to futa?