Monday, February 5, 2018

A Share Of Interest In 2018

Darling in the FranXX (Haven't watched any anime for months(and maybe mecha anime for years) but interested in it because of the character design. It turns out it is a really great one(or at least a great start) after watching the first 4 episodes. The anime is a rather fast pace and very refreshing one for a mecha anime and also very emotional. The setting and the meaning behind seems deep but you can enjoy it easily because the story is just great! Not sure where it will lead to but will definitely follow this anime.)

Black Panther (Didn't know BP until Captain America 3 and found he is badass in it. Liked the character and the cast since then. The second trailer has totally convinced me to watch it!)
Tomb Raider (Have been a fans of of the Tomb Raider game series for quite while. However, I don't like the two previous TR movies portrayed Angelina Jolie because of the movie style and even the actress for the reason of 'trying too hard to be cool'. I personally don't like action movies especially a shooting one that the main character doesn't even break a sweat and like invincible because it is too unrealistic. Liked the new actress for Lara Croft since Ex Machine and I find she can suit the role of the reboot Tomb Raider's Lara. Will watch it if the ratings aren't too bad.)
Alita: Battle Angel/Gunnm (This is a life changing manga and its movie is finally going to release this year. The movie right was actually bought by James Cameron more than ten years ago but he has given up directing it because of Avatar which is really sad(although he should still be involved). The trailer was out last year and I think it seems to be able to capture the spirit of the original manga. However, the 'big eyes' problem has turned me a little down but still watch it because its my favorite manga. Really suggest people to watch the original Gunnm Vol 1-9.)
Avengers 3 (As a Marvel's fan, you really can't not going to watch it and I hope they have brought enough surprises like usual!)
Ant-Man and the Wasp (Looking at the first Ant-Man movie, I think it tells why Marvel's superhero movies are still growing because of the creativity. I know all the marvel films are commercial popcorn movies but I don't think they can have the result today without enough creativity. Actually, after seeing all marvel film trailers in 2018, I am most looking forward to this one because I really don't know what the story will lead to and it is one big reason to keep me interested in it more.)
Aquaman (Despite the rating for Justice League wasn't good last year. I actually liked and enjoyed it more than Wonder Woman because I want a superhero film more than a romantic one. I think it could have been much better as you have seen more scenes in the trailer but they decided not to put those in for the movie length reason(?). And I truly hope DC hasn't given up the movie universe yet and will build it up with each character's movie without rushing it.)

Would actually like to talk about Rotten Tomatoes after observing it for like 2 years but I guess Star Wars The Last Jedi has blown it all out. Despite I am a Marvel fans, I think the critics are on Disney side. Because even I think Batman V Superman and Justice League have some problems, the RT scores of 27% and 40% just aren't reasonable. And I think Wonder Woman has scored high at 92% because for the feminist reason but I just find this movie isn't that great for the movie itself although I do like her character much more after watching it. I actually think the rating on Imdb is much more accurate now with a little adjustment of my own. Also, I do personally think RT is killing movies with smaller audiences which aren't good for the movie industry.

Attack On Titan (I think this manga is too well known that if you watch manga or anime you should know about it. The quality of the story and the settings are best of the best out there!)
Tokyo Ghoul (A bit disappointed for the direction it is heading for the latest episodes and I think this manga is going to end soon or at least for this chapter. However, I will still watch it until the end.)

Until Dawn
Monster Hunter World
Soul Calibur 6
(Actually, I still don't have a PS4 to play the games above... Its not I couldn't buy one immediately but I just don't have the time. However, if I can meet my development schedule this year, I may think about getting one.)
Red Dead Redemption 2

My Favorite Movie Last Year/2017:
Coco (It would originally be Spider-man : Homecoming because of the creativity, efforts and surprised they put in but I have changed my mind after watching Coco. Didn't plan to watch it in the cinema but it turns out it has become my favorite of all the 3D animations out there and even above Toy Story. I would give it a 10/10 for this type of 3D animation movies!)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Thought On Star Wars The Last Jedi

I think Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi has become a really hot topic recently due to the divided audience views on it.

I have a simple thought that if you try to create a new trilogy for Star Wars or even other franchise with different directors and writers on each movies, you need a complete plan on how the story goes and they need to be consistent.

The movie alone is a really great sc-fi film but it also changed a lot of things in the past 6 movies(or even 7) like characters, settings in just one movie with all those sudden introduction and twists and it seems that it has failed to do the job to make audiences to accept them. I never thought those can't be changed but all of it just need good explanation and presentation. But with Disney on how they handle the planning of the new trilogy(I am sure those directors and writers have communicated with each other but they do lack of a direction that they should go. You can tell by watching some of the interviews of those directors and it seems each of them are only doing their own thing), they failed to make quite a lot of people to accept the changes.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Reporter Kate

Another game is under development and will be released before SS2 Chapter 2. More information will be available soon!


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Zombie Lab Figure Kickstarter by Dream Concept Studio

#A clarification that, this 4" figure project isn't created by me but some others(Dream Concept Studio)#

The Kickstarter for Zombie Lab Figure by Dream Concept Studio has started for like a week and they have already reached their minimum goal! There are total 16 figures in wave 1 to wave 4. However, more figures will be unlocked if they can reach higher goal! I am personally interested in getting Marian and Zoe at least as it remind me of Sarah and Anne, hehe.

You can view the other figures in their kickstarter page below if you are interested and you may even support them to get the figure you want!

Dream Concept Studio Kickstarter Page:

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Kickstarter Figure Project By Dream Concept Studio

#A clarification that, this 4" figure project isn't created by me but some others(Dream Concept Studio)#

Dream Concept Studio facebook :

Dream Concept Studio website :

Why post here:

First of all, I would like to let everyone know that, beside liking movies and anime, I am also a figure collector too! And I have been collecting figures, like Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Marvel Legends, S.H. Figuarts, Figma...too many, lol. This would probably be the first figure project I am going to back because I am interested in some of the figures in it. Beside those terrifying zombies, the female figures in the picture above actually reminded me of Sarah and Anne and I am interested in getting those for my collection and inspiration, hehe(despite in their concept arts, they seems to have different hair color 'black and brown' but I hope they will create variants of different hair colors of those head sculpts).

Moreover, those figures in this project are compatible(like changing parts and bodies) with another famous kickstarter figure project by 'Boss Fight Studio'. Their kickstarter is successful and has released their first series of Greek themed figure line that consist of like 7 waves not long ago. However, I am actually more interested in their second series which is fantasy themed that include figures like human knight, orc warrior, elf archer and even dark elf! You can take a look at the sites below as they have just shown the wave 2 figures of their fantasy series which I found to be very appealing:

Boss Fight Studio facebook:

Boss Fight Studio Shop :

Those 4" figures above are super articulated and have great playability! They even release different colors of blank bodies which I considered those nude bodies:

Like in the above photo, the zombies themed figure kickstarter by 'Dream Concept Studio' will start on 20 July 2017. If you are a figure collector too and interested in those, maybe you can support this project!(A reminder that those are 4" figures)

And something about my game that everything start from this figure:

Agent Alona is actually the first character I have created despite it was not the first game released. And quite a lot of people think the creation of her is inspired from Marvel's Black Widow but thats not the true. Instead, it is from the figure above which is the character 'Scarlett' from the first G.I.Joe movie 'Rise Of Cobra'. Actually, I have only watched the G.I.Joe movie and become a fan only after I bought this figure, lol(Despite the movie isn't very popular, I really like those sc-fi settings and visual effect in it. Although the sequel didn't follow this aspect and is a let down to me.). Beside both characters being an agent in military, the biggest similarities are the hair style and hair color that I have used almost the same one for Alona and I found they are the iconic features for her.

My concept of erotic figures and sets:

Actually, I would like to create my own figures too but I still lack the knowledge right now. But I have heard with those 3D printers, it is possible to create your own small project. And of course, I would like to create them with erotic playability which I think the figure market is still lack of them right now! Here is my thought for a 4"figures series:

1. Create figures like Alona, Sarah and Rachel in their most iconic outfits(agent suit, superhero outfit). Would be great if some parts are stripable.
2. Create a nude body for erotic play. The body will have genitals like vagina and asshole so it can be inserted with sexual props below.
3. Create sexual and bondage props like penis, dildos, cuffs, collar, bondage devices...etc.
4. Create monster creatures like zombies, tentacle creature, villains...etc, for monster play.
5. For some extreme play, we can also create some piss effect and scats too!(Although not many people would like those, lol.)

I know I am crazy. But I think figure can also be a format for hentai, lol! There are quite a lot of erotic figure statues by japanese. However, there really isn't a series of figures that can be playable like I menioned above as far as I know. I really hope I can try to create those one day or someone else may work on the similar thing!

I know this blog is suppose to be about hentai RPG games mainly but I would like share my interest in different aspects that can be hentai related too! You know, my games are inspired by all those.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

SS2 Ch2 Cover Image

Finally, an update to the blog! Here is the cover image of SS2 Ch2 and I hope you will like it. Also, a demo that include the introduction story of Chapter 2 should be released in next month. Thanks!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Share Of Interest In 2017

Guardian Of The Galaxy 2(My most wanted movie in 2017 was Thor 3 originally but GotG2 has replaced it after I have watched its trailer! I am really hyped for it!)
Thor 3(Thor was my favorite superhero in MCU phrase 1 but I like him less now because the plot does make him a less popular compare to iron man, captain america or even to ant man and doctor strange which is sad. And Thor 2 is the worst movie for me in MCU but I hope Thor 3 will be great and give some justice to this character.)
Spider-man : Homecoming(I like spider-man and wolverine the most before all those marvel movies appeared. I do care less about this two characters now although spider-man did a great job in CA3. The trailer doesn't look particularly interesting but I hope Marvel will bring us some surprise but I doubt it will be as good as GotG2 and Thor 3 this year.)
Wonder Woman(Wonder Woman is the best thing in Batman Vs Superman. I don't think the movie is that bad like a lot of people said and I will give it a 7.5 as a marvel fan. However, while I like the casts of the three main superhero, batman and superman in the movie aren't particularly interesting but only Wonder Woman and I am looking forward to her own movie.)
Justice League(I hope it will be better than BvS.)
Logan/Wolverine 3(The first two wolverine movies aren't good films. I hope this last one will be better as I really like Hugo Jackman as wolverine.)
Transformers 5(To be honest, I think only the first transformer is great movie but I did see all 1-4 in cinema. I believe this fifth one will be around the same quality with average story but good CGI.)
Resident Evil : Vendetta(This isn't the live action one but the CG one, hehe. I never liked the live action because of the over power character Alice. I like resident evil movies that continue the game story and if I am not wrong, it is the third RE CG movies.)
Star Wars VIII(I have watched Rogue One I found it is only slightly better than Episode 7 for my taste. However, it is a really a great addition to Star Wars story. But come to think of it, I have never liked any Star Wars movie particularly but the whole Star Wars universe. And I will definitely see Episode 8.)

Until Dawn(a brought down from 2015 and I still need a PS4...)
Conan Exiles(it is the game that I am looking forward the most currently. and it looks like it is the sandbox game that suit my taste and I hope it will be more completed than other early beta sandbox games.)
Heroes Of The Storm-Valeera(Hots is what I play mostly while taking a short break from creating games currently. And I liked this character for a while since watched the WoW comics. I really like elf with blonde and ponytail hair, lol!)
Resident Evil 7(I liked the story of the resident evil series but not a true fan of the game. The RE games I really like are RE2 and RE4 which I am obviously a Leon fan, lol. Still need to read more review on this new gameplay before I decide to play it or not.)
Red Dead Redemption 2(Its a Rockstar sandbox game which is a must to play! I hope you can create your own character like in GTA5.)
Nier(It looks like a great action game with unique story and I haven't played a true action game for a while!)

Shingeki no Bahamut : Virgin Soul(Amazing anime! There wasn't an epic anime like this for a while! It gives some feelings of the video game Diablo. If you like fantasy style, you will probably like this anime!!)
Star Wars Rebels Season 3(Most episodes in season 1 and 2 aren't particularly interesting but a bit boring. However, they have successfully develop those characters and Season 3 seems becoming a unique story of Star Wars!)
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Season 2(The first season is great and will follow the second season!)

Ningyou no Kuni
Tokyo Ghoul

Update Information Of All My Under Development Games

I have created three public posts on my Patreon page to show the development progress of the games as some of you have asked. I will update the page whenever there is new release of update for each game for my patrons. If you are interested in to know about the progress of the games, you can check the page below(you can view them even if you aren't a patron):

Survivor Sarah 2:

Agent Alona : Missions:

World Of Eqalem:

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

World Of Eqalem

Added the introduction for the main story and also migrated the previous three stories from RPG Maker VX Ace to MV in this latest story! This demo shows where the story is up to for the demo version of World Of Eqalem.

Demo 4:

The fourth story is added and feature the character above which is a high elf. This newest demo is created by the latest RPG Maker MV which has larger window size!

Demo 3(MV):

A new fantasy game is under development since last month! You can tryout the demo below to see what it is about! There are currently three characters added to the game.

Demo 2(VX Ace):

(This new game is created by RPG Maker VX Ace and will require its Eng RTP to run. You can send me an email and I will send it to you if you can't find it. Thanks.)

My Patreon:

Monday, April 25, 2016

About Recent Email To My Address

I am sorry that I haven't replied to quite a lot of emails or messages since the last month. But I will work on that after this month! I am sorry about that!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Share Of Interest In 2016

Movies :
Deadpool(Didn't watch it in the cinema but can't wait to rent it! Will probably watch its sequel if it is good)
Batman Vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice(Not a fan of DC Universal. But the trailer seems to be good and it seems they are building a Cinema Universal like Marvel. Maybe it is time to give DC a try. Also, they got Wonder Woman in it!)
Captain America 3 : Civil War(My most wanted movie this year! Captain America is my favorite superhero after watching CA1 and CA2!)
X-Men: Apocalypse(Watched last X-men movie in the cinema and found it very good when compare to the older one. However, it seems X-Men movies by Fox aren't stable in quality. Also, they are not very well connected. May watch it depends on feedback)
Dr Stange(Will probably watch it as it is part of the Marvel Cinema Universal. Not knowing much about this character though.)
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(I have watched episode 7 and will watch 8 and 9. However, i don't find episode 7 a very amazing movie but only a ok one(Yes, i am a star wars fan but i would rate it only 7 of 10. I want to see something new instead of a reboot of A New Hope. George Lucas may not be a good director but his concept is always new and epic. Too bad Disney seems to abandon that. But the good thing is Star Wars will keep going). So, i am not sure whether i will see it in cinema.)
Warcraft(Forgot this one earlier but will definitely give it a chance and see it in the cinema! Liked Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft. The only draw back is most of the movies which originally are video games are mostly below average. Hope it can change that!)

Games :
Until Dawn(Interested in it since last year but i need to buy a PS4 first, lol)
(Don't have any games in the mind that i must play this year. But there are a few that i maybe interested like The Division(Ubisoft...), Rise of Tomb Raider(don't like the new face, lol) and Xcom 2(round base) but still has reasons not trying them. also, i found i am lacking of time on the development...)

Anime :
New Game!(A bit similar to one of my favorite anime Shirobako that is about a company that make game instead of anime this time. The character's interactions are fun!)
Macross Delta(The first 14 episodes are quite good but the story seems to lose the direction afterwards. However, the music is still great in this anime!)
My Little Pony(My favorite is Applejack!)
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar(ed)
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!(ed)

Manga :
Toyko Ghoul

Light Novel :
Illidan(Illidan is my favorite character in warcraft! I am extremely happy he is going to come back and even has a redemption story!!!)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Paypal Is Limited

Some of you may notice i have removed those 'donate' and 'buy now' buttons a while ago which was asked by them. And like a few weeks ago, i was still trying to receive donation through paypal and have people sent money to me. But my accounts are still limited again for the second time and it is actually permanent. So, i believe i can no longer receive payment through paypal anymore. I am sorry about that and thanks for all previous donations.

But actually, i have seen some site that are using paypal to sell similar adult digital content and they are still there. But it is possible that some of the theme of my games are violated their terms that they have limited my accounts.

So, i believe my games will be only available on Patreon and DLSite for now. I just hope it can remain stable for a while so i can focus on creating the games now. Thanks.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Agent Alona - Missions Demo

Newest demo available on my Patreon page!

'Agent Alona - Missions' is my newest game and its newest demo is available. You can download it on my Patreon page :

Brief Introduction :
1. First of all, the game will be developed on parallel with Survivor Sarah2. SS2 will receive major updates like before while AAM will receive minor updates. But at least one event or even one mission will be added in each month.
2. The game is largely inspired by the games 'Metal Gear Solid 5' which i recently played and 'Hitman'. If you have tried the demo, you will find i am following the format of those games.
3. The game will be formed by short missions. But each of the them can be expanded into a larger one with more updates and events added and can eventually turn into a large story in each mission.
4. I think the theme 'Agent' can tell a lot of adult stories and scenes. However, in my previous Agent Alona game, it is limited by the story that they have to be related and tied together to form a complete story. However, if it is in the form of missions, more situations can be easily created.
5. And beside short missions, there will be much more especially in the base.
6. Some other characteristics of the game :
a. There will be at least 2 methods/routes to complete each mission. Alona can either fight her whole way(if she is strong enough) or look for another way that involve less fighting or even talk her way out.
b. While Alona is an elite agent at the beginning. She is still weak with no upgrade and support which the player can buy the access to weapons and other equipments to progress her in different ways.
c. Missions can be replay without starting a new game. So, player can try to complete them in different ways with a few trys. I also think it adds the immersive when replaying a scene than in the CG Room.
d. When you are in the mission, you cannot save the unless you have quit the mission. I think it adds immersive too.
e. The game won't end when Alona is defeated or failed her mission. She can restart the mission afterwards.
f. When completed a mission, Alona will receive more 'Budget' so she can spend it to upgrade. And a new variable 'Performance' is added. It will be increased when Alona has completed a mission successfully but decreased if she has failed a mission. It will affect the views on her especially in the base and possibly lead to other consequences.
7. Also, i am thinking about making the game something close to open source that when more resources like outfits, pictures....etc are created. People who are interested can create their own mission for Alona.

It seems to be pretty long for a brief introduction... I am sorry about that but thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A new game coming and the preparation for Fallout 4!

My Adventure In Fallout 4
The appearance of Alona in game! Actually it just looks like the default character Nora but it is the best i can do currently. Hope there will be a mod that add the hair style of Alona, lol.
And here is James! I think he looks really handsome and Alona is totally admiring his face!
Alona and James enjoying their last peaceful day on earth.
Alona living in the world of year 2287 and begins her adventure....
Remind me of a scene in Terminator Genisys....
Finally found a usable(sitable) toilet in game! Hope there will be mod on it!

New Game

A new game will be under development. If you are interested, you can download the preview on my patreon page. However, there are only a few maps created and dialogues of some more important characters. More information will be revealed later!

Roleplaying In Fallout 4

Just a few days more and the game will be released! I have actually pre-ordered the game and even the season pass!(It is the very least time that i would pre-order a game and is even my first time to pre-order a season pass as i have very much faith in bethesda!)

Actually i have planned to roleplay as Sarah at first but later found the military background of the player character should be more suitable for Alona. So, my first character would be her. I know i am weird but i really like to roleplay as the character that i have created before! Here are the stats for them :

Alona :
STR  4
PER  4
INT   6
AGI  5

Sarah :        Rachel :
STR  3        STR  4 
PER  4        PER  6
END 2        END 3
CHA 3        CHA 2
INT   4        INT   2
AGI  5        AGI  8
LUC 7        LUC 3

The Background of Alona in Fallout 4 :
Maybe in an alternative timeline, Agent Alona and Agent James are married and become wife and husband and they even gave birth to a baby. One day, they are visited by the Vault-Tec representative and were approved to be the candidates into Vault 111 because of what they have done for the US government as agents. And later, there is a nuclear attack and a nuke is donated nearby. But luckily, they are able to enter the Vault 111 in time and the story begins....

And they have just released the Launch Trailer, OMG!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Character Poll

Who is your favorite character so far? 

I would like to create poll for the characters for a long time! But i have to release my latest game Agent Alona first so there will be at least 3 characters for the poll. I would like to know who is the more popular character so far after you have played their games. I hope you will vote for the character you like most based on her appearance, personality and story....etc!

Here is some of the information on them :

Alona : This is the first character i created among the three characters. Some of you may think she is similar to Black Widow from Avengers but she is actually inspired by the female heroine 'Scarlett' in the first G.i.joe movie. The hair style is almost the same! She is also the first character that i wanted to make into an adult rpg game and tried. But later i have given up because the quality isn't good enough a few years ago. However, i have finally finished it recently and it has become my latest game!

Rachel : After releasing SS1 and was working on SS2, i was a bit tired of Sarah and decide to work on something else. The character is inspired by 'Jade' and 'Kitana' from Mortal Kombat 9. It is more like a combination of Jade's outfit and color and the appearance of princess Kitana! And i actually find she looks quite similar to Akali in League of Legends when i have finished the design for her, lol! At first, i was thinking about a battle/arena tournament game but later found it is quite difficult to make it interesting if it is only about fighting and decide to create a superheroine story instead!

Sarah : I have created this character accidently when i was playing around with my 3d stuffs and find she seems to have quite a lot of potential/utility! I think she is a character that can be appear in many situations. Like she can be an innocent survivor in a zombie world, a princess or a knight in a kingdom, a space ranger.....etc. She makes me want to give creating adult rpg game another try and it turns out to be my first game Survivor Sarah!

(And i have my favorite character too among the 3 characters and voted for her, haha! But i will reveal it later as i don't want to affect your decision!)

One day ago, i thought Rachel is going to be the more popular character among the three because she has like 15% more vote than Sarah and like 30% more than Alona. But it seems the vote for Sarah was suddenly boosted and she is now having around the same vote as Rachel(Did someone spam for Sarah??). I believe i have to give it some more time to see who is the more popular character now, lol! Thank you for everyone who has voted for the poll!

Thank you for all the voting! It seems the poll has ended for a while, i am sorry for the late response. My vote has actually gone to Alona as i prefer proud, confident and mature woman for a hentai game heroine! Also, i have created this character and rendered the pictures for her for a few years before other characters. Hmm.... i think i have some special feelings for this character, lol! But i know it will be either Sarah or Rachel that get more votes as Alona's game is released not for long and so far is a less likable character. I believe she is a more complex character that will take more time for people to actually like her. And more importantly, her appearance isn't as good as the other two to be honest. So, i have decided to create a new appearance for her and it is actually done! If she appeared in anymore game again in the future, she would have a new face and i hope you will like her better! Thanks.