Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SS1 reaching 1000 downloads on DLsite! Shocked and amazed by the announcement of Fallout 4 and my views on it! And a share of interest in 2015!

My first game reaching 1000 downloads!

Thank you for all your support! My first game Survivor Sarah has finally reached over 1000 downloads on both DLSite combined! I am very happy about it because this is always my target for each game i created and it has finally met my original target after 2 years of sales! Thanks again for the support on the game!

Shocked and amazed by the announcement of Fallout 4!

Fallout 4 is finally announced in E3 of 2015 after all those years of waiting! I am very excited about it and is shocked to know the game will actually be released in November this year!

I am a fan of Fallout 3 and it is a life changing game to me! Before playing Fallout 3, i don't really like games that is about guns, shooting and science fiction. I prefer games that is about sword, magic and fantasy(my first rpg game is Everquest which is another life changing title!). But Fallout 3 has changed my preference and i believe it also has some influences on my games although they are about hentai, lol!

The trailer and demo of Fallout 4 is amazing! It seems almost every aspects of the game are improved. The new features like crafting, building, how the power armor works(i believe i can roleplay as ironman in game now, lol!)....etc, makes people amazed on how much efforts they have put to develop the game and can't wait for it!

However, i have my worries like most of the fans because the degree of roleplay in Fallout 4 seems to be decreased greatly judging from what we have seen so far. And here are the reasons for it :

1. Voiced protagonist
While it is an improvement to have a voiced Player Character. At the same time, it also destroyed the possibility to create the character in your mind completely if it isn't done right! One of the reason you can create your own character in Bethesda's rpg game because your character has no voice! You can always imagine how he sounds or whatever his attitude is even for the same line of dialogue! It leave a lot of imagination for roleplaying! A given voice will fix the personality/characteristic of your character even you are able to choose different dialogues. It will be more like Shepard from Mass Effect and  Geralt from Witcher. The reason i don't play those games because i don't really like a very much set character even you can customize them! Also, i personally believe why Bethesda's rpg games can always sell a few millions more than those games is because they can provide a chance for the player to truly create their very own character! I think it is a bad decision for adding voiced PC currently unless we are allowed to change the tone of the voice and create different personalities and from my opinion, it requires around 10 tones for each gender at least! I really hope it will be the case or i will be quite disappointed if there is only 1 voice/tone for each gender or i cannot find the tone that i want even there are more than 1 tone.

2. Set background
Hmm..... your character can either be a father or mother in the same family and you also have a baby of your own. I think it limits you from creating a really young character or being a virgin, lol! I don't really like it because of the limitation but still think it is acceptable because you can still be a wide range of character like you can be over 20 to over 80 years old character of either sex and there seems to have not much background for what had happened to you in the pass. It seems you can always make your up backstory of him or her here. However, i believe the biggest problem here is again the voiced protagonist.... The voice acting for the male character is gentle and nice in the trailer/demo. It doesn't sounds like he can be an evil person at all but more like good man who would care about his family and baby which is a problem.... So, unless there are dialogues in the game like 'i actually hate my wife' or 'having a baby is actually suck and i want to get rid of it!' then i am a bit scared the game will be about 'love' and 'family'.... It is just my thought.

3. Hidden dialogues
It looks like it is a trend to hide the real dialogues and instead, give you the choices of different directions of how your character will response. I personally dislike it like some other players.... because it is like 90% of the time the real dialogues are different than what you thought in your mind! You will feel your character is forced to say those lines. And Fallout 4 has decided to follow this trend which is sad.... I really want to know what my character is going to say exactly before making the decision to feel like i am truly controlling the protagonist that i create!

So, the biggest fear of mine is Fallout 4's roleplaying aspect is getting close to games like Mass Effect or The Witcher in order to improve the story telling from the developer's point of view and sacrifice the freedom to create your own character like previous Bethesda's rpg game which largely affect player's degree of roleplay. Voiced protagonist is definitely an improve if all the players can find the voice or tone they want to use! But practically, i don't think the developer is able to provide that because it would require a huge amount of resources to do so. I have no doubt the gameplay and mechanism of Fallout 4 will be amazing and will become one of the best game update to date. However, the roleplaying possibility may become the most limited one out of all Bethesda's rpg games but i hope i am wrong! Sorry for the long read but i really want to express my view on the newest game of one of my favorite series of all time!

A share of interest in 2015

2015 is truly a year of entertainment to me! Here is the list of my interests in 2015 :

Movies :
Avengers 2 (I liked it despite it isn't as good as the first one)
Mad Max : Fury Road (Didn't watch the previous 3 movies but this one is really entertaining and worth watching)
Jurassic World
Terminator 5
Star Wars Episode 7

Games :
Mortal Kombat X (Disappointed because of the downgraded battle damage, lol!)
Heroes Of The Storm (Currently playing it and like it so far!)
Fallout 4
Star Wars Battlefront

Anime :
Shirobako (One of the best anime I have seen in my life!)

Comics :
Gunnm / Battle Angel Alita (My favorite comic of all time and a new chapter begins this year! The main protagonist Alita/Gally is my favorite female heroine out of comic and anime that i have read in my entire life! And she is possibly the reason i like girl that fight! If you are interested in reading it, remember to start from Vol 1 to Vol 9 instead of 'last order'!)
Naruto (Just as predicted, this comic isn't ended yet! A new chapter begins, hehe)
Tokyo Ghoul (There are quite a lot things that i don't like in this comic but the story is intriguing that make you want to see the end of it once you have followed!)

Just a share through!

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