Sunday, March 30, 2014

Info of my next game

Hello everyone,
I am currently working on the demo of my next game. It will still take sometimes until the demo can be completed. But here is some info that i would like to tell during the time.

1. This new game should have more story and events than my previous games. The scenes and dialogues will be increased.
2. The gameplay will be more focus on making choices and their effects to the game.
3. There will be less fighting which means the game isn't about leveling and defeating powerful bosses.
4. Fights are more planned(but winning or losing will affect the outcome). Most fights should have its story behind it.
5. The route to finish the game will be different depending on player's choice.
6. There will be different endings affected by choices thoughout the game.
7. The starting level is 20 as the character is well-trained and experienced.
8. While i wouldn't want to reveal the story yet, the game is still set in modern timeline like my previous games.
9. One larger topic on this game is about the Japanese words "悪戯".
10. This title is actually the first idea(come before Survivor Sarah and The Green Shadow) that i want to made into a rpg game but later given up because i didn't make it satisfy enough at the time(thats a few years ago actually). But with the experience from previous games, i decide to work on it again. And every materials are remade for better quality.
11. I consider it is a less popular topic than my previous games(zombies and superheroes). And someone may actually think it is weird of what it is about. But i think it can be quite humiliating and erotic if it is done right.

While they are the things on my mind but the final game may still have some possible changes to them. But they are what i want to achieve currently.

Thank you for reading! And sorry for not providing any information on the story as i want to prepare more before annoucing it!


  1. I like the sound of this!

    Your games are always high quality!

    Thanks for the update. :)

    Will this be released before or after Survivor Sarah 2?

  2. survivor sarah 2 do not tell me when will the game?

  3. he is sayin my next game.. so this one will be his next game not the survivor sarah 2

  4. Oh this is the game you mentioned beofre, cant wait !
    btw what is the release date? :D

  5. I am sorry to tell you that this game isn't SS2 but another new game. It is the story of another female heroine.

    The game is far from finish so it has no release date yet. I am working on the demo now, hoping to finish it soon so you all can have a try on it. Thanks.

  6. female heroine ! Your characters are awesome! thx for working, all the best !

  7. good luck with your new game already waiting to try it =)
    Hope i nthis one we get a lil more job that we ca do like green shadow on day and night...

    and again thanks for your game

  8. is survivor sarah 2 still being worked on or did you give up on it

    1. I still want to create SS2 as i want to tell a complete story of Sarah as a storyteller(i have most of the story in my mind actually but not in detail). However, the progress is stopped as i have to concentrate on working on my previous and next games.

      Currently, i still plan to finish SS2 maybe after my next game. But it will have to depend on how much time i need to spend on my next game and am i still able to create more games afterwards(i have been working all these games since last year when i got the free time. maybe i should stop to take a break). So, i think it will be a while if SS2 can be released.

  9. I hope in this Demo are more things to do then in SS2 ... i cant wait for your games i hope it is not so far to SS2 :D Green Shadow and SS1 are really boring now xD in both games i have all szenes and endings and so on :D

    1. I am sorry the the demo will be quite similar to the demo of SS2 as there will be just one or two event in the demo. It is my process up to date. However, it is quite possible i will give another update on this demo which you can progress more later.