Monday, May 20, 2013

Survivor Sarah

Current Version Released :
DLsite : Survivor Sarah (Ver 1.1)(Censored) $13
Patreon : Survivor Sarah (Ver 1.21)(Uncensored) $15

A RPG game feature zombies and mutant creatures. Play as Sarah to escape the dangerous city.
The game is available on both jp and eng dlsite.

Contents :
Above 43 events
Above 50 basic CG
Above 200 CGs


  1. how can ı buy ıt from your site ^^ ?

  2. I wanna buy it but can t find in your blog.And what are the differences between this one and the old version?

    1. You can view the info of additional content and changes on the posts on my patreon page. And if you are interested is buying and supporting for SS1, you can click on the 'donate' button on my blog and donate $15 for it but please leave a message that it is for SS1. Thanks.

  3. Hi combin, i´m feeling real stupid cause i dont see any donate butoon on your blog, a litle help please

    1. Paypal is no longer an option now, i am sorry. It would either be Patreon or DLSite currently. And i have just replied your email. Thanks for asking.